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Jun 22, 2010

The table gets turned in this episode and Nathan Martin (A two time guest on 2BwS, woop-woop) asks the questions. We explore topics such as my background, which tends to go on longer than it should have... but who doesn't like talking about themselves, c'mon! We also talk about the show; past guests, thoughts I've pulled away from my guests, what I've learned, yadda-yadda.

The interview eventually breaks down into the typical type of conversations that me and Nathan have had. The conversation seems to follow a narrow stream of consciousness and I think most everyone will appreciate the candidness of both Nathan and I. These are the types of conversations that more people should be having.

I don't think anywhere in the interview are we complaining about what THEY are doing to US. That is an important statement for me to make, because I don't want to view myself as a victim of the system, or some higher power (Royal Order of the Frog? hmmm.).

I hope you enjoy this episode

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almost fourteen years ago


I\'m glad to see your shift towards \"what can I actually do now\" (from, \"why is this happening?\")

Here are three more suggestions for future guests:

1) Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre or Luke Walker.

Ferfal runs the popular blog and is the author of \"The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse\" The decline in the USA will probably not be exactly the same as in Argentina, but there are many useful lessons that one can take from ferfal\'s experiences. More recently, he and Luke Walker have put together a fee-based online video course to cover some of these lessons:

2) Jason Bradford or André Angelantoni

Andre, with Jason\'s help, conducts several fee-based courses directed to preparing for post-peak living:, including the online \"UnCrash Course\" The site also has an excellent free introductory video: \"Preparing for a Post Peak Life\"

3) Guy McDowell

Guy runs the website and podcast, which is roughly based on Spirko\'s website/podcast, but with a Canadian twist. Hopefully, this would help appease your enormous Canadian following!


p.s., none of these groups think that there will be a sudden \"total collapse,\" but rather are expecting a longer stair-step descent.

almost fourteen years ago

I want to thank you for a great show and bringing in speakers i have not heard of from any other podccast. Namely the Dervaes\'s Chris Martinson, James Kunstler, Karl Denninger, and that is just a recent few. How you got so many bigger names in the alternative world in a year and a bit is amazing! I bet you could bring in other like Rupert, i would also sugest Jack Spirko (from He is another that is speaking the same line of thought...

Well other then the shameless plug for another podcast you might like i would like to thank you for an awsome podcast. i awate your podcast every week.

almost fourteen years ago

Steve - I really enjoyed this show. But, I wanted to point something out. You didn\'t directly answer Nate\'s question as to what you think is going to happen in our future. I don\'t think you intentionally side-stepped, but you started talking about changing your diet and some other things.

As a representative of your listening audience, I\'d like to hear your vision of the future. Are you an inflationist or deflationist? Total collapse, or just a minor hiccup?

Also, I second the motion for Jack Spirko. Where as some at have complained about lack of action, (in terms of: \"What to do next...\") Jack does an excellent job of putting that piece of the puzzle together.