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Jun 6, 2010

Denninger discusses the Federal Reserve, Congress, the financial markets, inflation/deflation, and whether or not gold is a safe haven.

This interview starts out with Karl Denninger recounting his days as CEO of an internet company during the go-go 90's. Karl recalls the stress of betting the company every 18 months to keep in line with the latest technologies and that it was understood by everyone in the industry that we were clearly in a bubble at the time. The bubble promptly busted, but by then Karl had already exited stage left.

Karl was called back into action by the activity in the Asian stock markets in 2007. Since then he has remained an active trader and analyzer of the markets. You can catch up with Karl Denninger at his Market-Ticker blog.

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almost fourteen years ago

Denninger is right on everything but gold.

For more info google Gordon Gekko vs Denninger

almost fourteen years ago

Steve - I just finished listening to this show with Denniger. Good stuff! I just wonder, though: He stated some opinions that were contrary to other opinions. (like those found on Specifically, with regard to gold and maybe his whole opinion on the inflation/deflation debate.

I think it\'d be really cool if you would provide a little post-show analysis on his opinions vs. what your beliefs were at the beginning of the show, and if Karl was able to change any of the opinions you previously held.

Great show!