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Oct 29, 2009

The second part of our two part interview with Steve Crower on the topic of Peak Oil. I would highly suggest you listen to Part 1 before listening to this episode as we make some references to the earlier episode.

almost eleven years ago

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almost eleven years ago

Thanks, Riles.When Regina pushed Cora thugorh the mirror, I was absolutely sure she was sending Cora to Wonderland (to become the future Queen of Hearts). But then the ending when Cora showed up in Emma and Mary M's pit threw me for a loop and made me doubt that Cora had really gone to Wonderland after all. But I think you're on to something. Maybe she did go first to Wonderland and then somehow made her way (or was taken) to FTL later on.I think Storybrooke Regina was sincere, at least for a moment, in wanting to renounce magic, become a better person, and do the right thing for Henry. At first, when she was telling Henry to go with David, I thought it was a trick. But then when she almost burned the book and then changed her mind that all seemed real. I agree with you that it's an addiction and she will inevitably relapse. But, at the same time, she really does not want to become like her mother even though she already has. So there's an interesting tension there. [url=]ecbedb[/url] [link=]lalpftzkwg[/link]

almost eleven years ago

Haha, a couple of weeks ago, at Folk Fest (the Winnipeg Folk Festival) a girl had a biknii top on that had an eye on each cup. Of course I looked (it's attention-drawing!), and when she gave me an unimpressed look, I thought to myself, If you don't want people looking at your chest, try not putting a set of eyes on your boobs! lol