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Oct 18, 2010

A great conversation with the author/blogger Charles Hugh Smith who writes for the OfTwoMinds blog. We cover topics such as the financialization of our economy, the wealth and income gap, social and political subjects, and the various definitions of capitalism.

Although CHS and I weave in many topics into this episode we ran out of time to hear CHS's opinions on why we should be optimistic and hopeful of the future. That is why next week I will be inviting CHS back for another hour long discussion on Survival Preparation, Health, Diet, Organic Gardening, etc.. Should be another great chit-chat. Stay tuned.

Survival+: Structuring Prosperity For Yourself and the Nation The 5-Star rated book by CHS, available on Amazon

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Thanks man. No Wizard World for us, though. We are done trnielvag for 2011 I think. I always say that and something comes up. We have a handful of releases in early 2012, so we are socking away money to prepare for the printing costs. I hope you guys have fun and hopefully we'll see you soon. Did you ever print anything up?

almost fourteen years ago

Steve, that was just a brilliant conversation with Charles Smith. "Privatized gains and socialized losses." That pretty much sums up the crony system that has supplemented true capitalism in the United States through a clever bait-and-switch maneuver orchestrated by the behemoths of the financial industry. I was so pleased to hear Charles differentiate the vision of Adam Smith from the stinking corruption that now emanates from Wall Street bankers and their puppet operatives in government.

I work in law enforcement. I have no love for street-level thieves and enjoy locking them up. I am struck, however, at the disparate treatment between the drug-addicted petty thief who rides a 2-year sentence in the penitentiary and the Wall Street insider who is rewarded with opulent wealth for packaging and selling trillions of dollars of worthless financial derivatives. If you have an Ivy league education, you have a license to join Goldman Sachs, commit astonishing acts of fraud and reap only a fine from the SEC.

Where is Obama and his army of prosecutors in the Justice Department? Their lack of action is a stunning indictment of the symbiotic relationship between government office holders and their corporate sponsors.