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Jan 28, 2014


Steve Patterson interviews me about my quest for better health.  We discuss my story, going from a 38 inch waste and extra large size tee-shirts to a 32 inch waste and small tee-shirts, all while eating as much food as I want, and having more energy!  What is the paleo diet?  Why are grains unhealthy?  What is 80/20, and how does it make sticking with the paleo diet much easier?  How does the vegan diet stack up against the paleo diet?  We discuss all this and more.




For full disclosure’s sake, I misspoke when I said that as of last October (2013) I had been on the paleo diet for 3 years.  October 2013 was actually the 2 year marker for how long I have been paleo.  Sorry about that.




Here is a low commitment option ->  Try Mark Sisson’s 21 Day Challenge:




Here is the podcast with Karen De Coster that started me down the road to the paleo lifestyle:




Here is my favorite health podcast.  Underground Wellness is great for gaining exposure to many different concepts and topics on health and nutrition:




My first, and still my favorite, paleo book:




Mark Sisson’s blog also has basically all of the same information that is in the book above, and it's available for free online:




Here is a great site, complete with a phone app, for tracking the food you eat, how much you exercise, etc:




Denise Minger was the woman I mentioned on the show who has done a great deal of work comparing the vegan diet to the paleo diet.  Here is a presentation she did on the China Study:




Susan Schenck is a woman who use to be a champion for veganism.  She wrote books on how great it was.  And then it stopped working for her, and when I say “stopped working” I’m putting it very nicely!  She now writes books on how the vegan diet is awful, that you may feel great the first few years, but eventually the deficiencies catch up with you in a big way:




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