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Dec 20, 2009

When I first got confirmation that Bill Still was going to be on 'Two Beers With Steve' I rushed to my wife to tell her the good news... that I would soon be talking with a legend, an icon of mine. I have to thank Nathan Martin for making the meeting possible, Nathan also sat in during the interview and we all had...

Dec 16, 2009

Nathan Martin of Nathans Economic Edge talks with me about his vision of where monetary reform should be headed, what he calls Freedom's Vision.  

In this first discussion, Nathan points out the problems with our current system and possible tactics to enact REAL change. Nathan also makes the distinction between hoping...

Dec 2, 2009

James Howard Kunstler, author of The Long Emergency takes a seat at the roundtable to discuss Peak Oil and the American lifestyle. This was an hour of discussion on the grim reality of a world that is not planning on a world without plentiful and cheap oil, with moments of humor and chat splashed in for good measure.