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Apr 30, 2013


Sean Croxton teaches us about JERF, Just Eat Real Foods.  We learn exactly what real food is, how our friends sabotage us when we’re trying to lose weight, why it’s important to have good reasons to get healthy, the importance of sleep, and how Sean gained a fear of planes!




You can find Sean below:




Apr 26, 2013


I welcome back Pete Gerlach to discuss psychology and self-help.  We cover his great article “Five Epidemic Personal, Marital, and Family Hazards”:




Here is the link to his free 7 lesson self-improvement course mentioned during the show:


Apr 16, 2013

Two Beers with Steve has now become the Choice Conversations podcast.  In this show we learn about the host’s journey; how he unplugged from the matrix.




Below are links to several items mentioned during the show.




Peter Gerlach’s “Break the Cycle” website:



Apr 7, 2013

Our guest this week is Andy Craig, CEO & Founder of Plain English Finance.  We talk about his book “Own the World,” which is about the importance of learning to invest; why everyone can and should manage their own money.


Learn more about Andy at his blog:


Here are links to the...

Apr 3, 2013


This show is a short conversation Steve and I had while waiting to interview Andy Craig.  We talked about parenting, specifically Alfie Kohn’s great book Unconditional Parenting.  Since the topic of this opening discussion was dramatically different then the topic of our interview of Andy Craig (which...