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Aug 30, 2013


Darrell Becker from Tragedy and Hope joined Steve Patterson and me to discuss merging the Trivium with Non-Violent Communication.  This was a fun and fascinating journey into melding two seemingly very different things, a strategy for learning and a strategy for connecting with yourself and others, and finding...

Aug 21, 2013

Wes Bertrand from the Complete Liberty Podcast joins me to talk about my personal experience with the Virgin Diet, as well as a general look at N=1 experiments.  We spend a good bit of time discussing what makes for good science: removing bias, controlling variables, and so on, while mixing in my own anecdotal...

Aug 14, 2013

Steve Patterson joined me for a free-flowing discussion, a “BS session” if you will.  A potpourri of subjects was covered, including the following:


  • Edward Snowden
  • Bradley Manning
  • traitors vs heroes
  • The American Revolution
  • 9/11
  • critical thinking skills
  • questioning authority (but I repeat myself)
  • the economy
  • What...

Aug 13, 2013


I was privileged to have the chance to speak with legendary investor Jim Rogers.  Jim is one of my favorite authors, as his books are not only full of great investing advice, but they also hold a wealth of lessons that are useful in all facets of life.  We spent much of the time talking about his latest book, Street...

Aug 6, 2013

Andrew Craig, author of Own the World, is back for another great discussion.  Andy starts by sharing his journey from working on “The Hill” in DC, to working as a broker in the banking industry, to starting his own business, and recently returning to investment banking.  We learn how he developed his...