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Sep 4, 2010

FRESH the movie

Interview with Ana Sofia Joanes, director of the new film Fresh.

The newly released film Fresh once again uncovers the dangers of monoculture farming and consolidated animal feeding operations. Nature has fought began fighting back and it is becoming evident that industrializing our food system was a bad bad idea. But can we abandon it and if we could how would we ever be able to feed ourselves.

Ana's film isn't Malthusian doomsdaying, it is quite the opposite. Fresh meets with sustainbale and organic farmers who are making a difference, farmers who have solutions. The solutions they offer make environmental sense while at the same time making economic sense.

I purchased the movie Fresh for a personal home screening where I invited fifteen people from my community for an evening of good food and an important documentary. You can do the same thing in your community.

Will Allen - Growing Power

Joel Salatin

almost eleven years ago

Full of salient points. Don't stop beniivelg or writing!

almost eleven years ago

A break! What was Morcambe you middle class norhtener? Just find some matchsticks to prop your eyes open and write your posts. You have fans out here with withdrawal symptoms.

almost fourteen years ago

Very thought provoking conversation. I didn\'t realize that the current, \"unhealthy\" system, is so heavily subsidized.

A question, however: Are there papers which support the premise that the mass produced food is measurably less healthy than the food produced in the manner advocated? How do we truly know that given a cost/benefit analysis, the transition to the suggested measure would truly be an overall gain for the world population?

Great, thought provoking conversation.

Two Beers With Steve
almost fourteen years ago

I couldn\'t tell you offhand the scientific research that proves that truly organic farms produce a higher qulaity product but I do know people have performed brix testing and the results are considerably in favor of organic over industrial farm.

From a common sense point of view, the food that we eat is the result of the input that goes into it. CAFO\'s feed their cows ground up chicken parts, which cows naturally don\'t eat. Large scale corn operations are heavily reliant on natural gas fertilizers to inject the nitrogen needed to get the corn ten feet high each and every year. None of this is natural or sustainable.

Will Allens and Joel Salatins farms are natural and sustainable. I\'ve been on Will\'s farm, he certainly manipulates nature to his gain but I wouldn\'t say that it is that far from what occurs in nature. plants grow from sun, water, and good soil and he provides that.

I know that you may want a more detailed study rather than my little theories but I think by searching this subject on the internet you may find all the information you need. Sorry I can\'t help you with a shortcut.