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Jun 15, 2009

Loren Howe answers our questions on just how he has invested in the past and how he is investing into the future. You can watch Loren's YouTube videos by searching for him using his username 'Lorax2013'. His videos cover a variety of topics besides economics, such as health and diet including his review of the movie 'The Secret'.

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ten and a half years ago

Loren,Once again you and JR have amazed me. The rolatienships that you are building are givng this company and our web portals so much credibility. As I sit and watch all of the updates to the portal happen as well as all of the technology you are integrating into the portals, I know in my heart this company is destined for greatness in the online industry. You truly are pioneering on online revolution and soon the world will know MA as a household name. Bringing on board someone like Michael Cohen brings us up to date pop culture and style right to our fingertips. We truly will be an online destination people just cannot live without. Let me be the first to say welcome aboard Michael and that the field is looking forward to all of your inside knowledge about the entertainment industry as well as your tips on fashion and lifestyle. Thanks again JR, Loren, and the corporate team for your ongoing vision and drive to take this company to places few have ever gone. Keep up the online revolution, I cannot wait to see what you come up with next!!Ron HillYork, PADo you like this comment? 0 0