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Apr 19, 2016

In this latest installment of the Fall of Stefan Molyneux series, Wes Bertrand and I go through a laundry list of concerns over the inconsistent messages from Freedomain Radio. We could not help returning to the topics of IQ, race, genetics, R vs K, immigration, and Donald Trump. These ideas are the backbone of Stef’s thinking these days, overarching themes, so even though they've been covered thoroughly earlier in the series, we still briefly address them in this episode. Having said that, our discussion goes into many new areas, including the following:

  • Adam Kokesh's appeal to Stef to debate him about soap opera politics and click bate podcast titles
  • Stef's cult of personality, where he is not questioned
  • Psychologizing by Stef and the FDR community
  • Stef's abondonment of Objectivism and the individual (and his corresponding embrace of collectivism)
  • Stef's inconsistencies about the win-win nature of the free market
  • Is Donald Trump a lesser evil?
  • Is Stef a neocon and/or a proponent of the religious right?
  • Does Stef gaslight his audience, denying that anything has changed in his message?
  • Trolling in the FDR community
  • feminism
  • single moms
  • Religion
  • Culture
  • Peaceful Parenting
  • Non-Violent Communication and empathy
  • Shaming, blaming, and moralistic judgement


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