Water Crisis in America With Robert Glennon

Just when you didn't need one more thing to be concerned I bring forth unto you another civilization-stunning problem that threatens our modern living and is by it's very nature the issue is a political pariah. The issue is about water, and why we need to educate ourselves on how we use this valuable resource and realize just how scarce fresh water is.


'Water, water everywhere


Nor any drop to drink.'


My guest was Robert Glennon, professor at the University of Anizona and author of the book Unquenchable: America's Water Crisis and What To Do About It. In this interview we discuss the amount of freshwater available vs. the amount of water on earth and how the hydrologic cycle has supplied our earth with freshwater since... well... the beginning of the hydrologic cycle.Since that time, we have had the same amount of freshwater as the dinosaurs but we use freshwater in many different ways that are important to our modern living. Some of which are destroying the freshwaters ability to used for human consumption. It doesn't take more than a passing glance at the statistics of water to be concerned. Robert Glennon does more than just glance at the stats and delves into some serious issues that we face when it comes to freshwater use and it's longer term threat. Robert goes as far as to say that we face a Crisis.


Unquenchable: America's Water Crisis and What To Do About It



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