Sylvia Haskvitz, author of Eat by Choice, Not by Habit, joins me for a discussion.  Being both a registered dietitian and a certified NVC trainer, Sylvia offers a rare opportunity to talk about improving nutrition and communication at the same time.  We discuss the importance of the language we use when talking to ourselves about food, and how self-awareness is key.  Why are we eating?  Are we hungry, are we filling a nutritional need, or is this a copying mechanism for something deeper?  Sylvia has a great saying: “Face your stuff or stuff your face!”

The conversation provides strategies for getting started down a healthier path, working with children, and even how to find nutritious alternatives for dessert! 

Find more from Sylvia here:

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Ralph Weber, President of Medibid Inc and author of MediCrats: Medical Bureaucrats that Rule your Health Care, joins me for a discussion.  We talk about why the cost of healthcare keeps rising, and how his company, Medibid, can reduce those costs by stepping outside the system and enabling the free market. 

We discuss the ridiculousness of Obamacare, pre-existing conditions, insurance fraud, and more!

Find more from Ralph here:

Also mentioned during the show, Anesthesia Fraud:  

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Wes Bertrand from the Complete Liberty podcast joins me for a movie review as we tackle No Strings Attached, starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher.  This is not your typical Siskel and Ebert or Rotten Apples style movie review.  Instead, we take a more philosophical look at the movie, delving into the cultural memes, the psychological wounds displayed by the characters, the lack of self-awareness, and even a quick look at homophobia. 


Find more from Wes here:


Related podcasts:



Also mentioned during the show:

The War on Masturbation:

Needs and feelings inventory:

Statistics on the sad state of marriage:

How to pick a life partner (and how not to):

The Four Horsemen of Marital Apocalypse:

Nathaniel Branden = great stuff:

Intimacy, a free ebook from Osho:


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Greg and Priscilla Hunt from  join me to discuss marriage enrichment.  Marriage enrichment is not like marriage counseling.  Marriage counseling is triage for when a couple is in serious trouble.  Marriage enrichment, on the other hand, is support for couples who are looking to improve their relationship and strengthen their connection, whether they’ve been married for 40 days or 40 years.  It includes skills for healthy communication, creatively handling conflicts, increasing intimacy, and more.  It includes a community of like-minded couples who learn from each other, modeling more effective behavior, who provide encouragement and support. 

Find more from Greg and Priscilla here:



Get 50% off when you join Better Marriages by using the following coupon code:  radio



Related podcasts:



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Anna Perry, Executive Director of Seton Montessori Institute and Seton Montessori School, joins me to talk about the Montessori Method of education.  We discuss the pros and cons of Montessori and relate some of our personal experiences with Montessori schools.


Find more from Seton Montessori here:


Montessori Madness with Trevor Eissler:


American Montessori Society:


Links to several research papers on Montessori, including the one from Angeline Lillard mentioned during the show:


In my first ever appearance on Two Beers with Steve I talked about Montessori schools:


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Kevin Koskella from the Freedom Lovin podcast joins me to discuss how he found freedom in an unfree world.  We cover his six strategies for increasing personal freedom:


1. Emotional freedom. This is the first step before anything else.  He recommends Nathaniel Branden's work, Non-violent communication, and Acceptance therapy. Without breaking free in this realm, you won't be free anywhere else in life.  Focus on this personal stuff first and go out from there.

2. Travel. Traveling can open up new worlds. The world is not a scary place as it turns out. 

3. Figure out what you need to be happy. Keep those things, get rid of the stuff that doesn't make you happy. You will be freer when you purge like this.

4. Become financially free. Don't let this be daunting. What are your priorities? People travel the world making $1000/month. That's freedom. 

5. Build a business but really think about what will bring you the most freedom. Online businesses offer the advantage of being able to live anywhere. Many businesses will give you less freedom. Watch out.

6. Set up an anonymous New Mexico LLC and start using Bitcoin. Try to deal with banks and government agencies as little as possible, but don't break laws- there are too many other ways to be free to risk going to jail (Harry Browne talks a lot about this). 


Find more from Kevin here:


Related podcasts:


Harry Browne’s great book:


Harry Browne’s audio course:


Pete Gerlach’s work on Inner Family Systems therapy:


The works of Nathaniel Branden, including sentence completion exercises:


Secrets of the Millionaire Mind:               


Rich Dad, Poor Dad:


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Steve Patterson interviews me about my quest for better health.  We discuss my story, going from a 38 inch waste and extra large size tee-shirts to a 32 inch waste and small tee-shirts, all while eating as much food as I want, and having more energy!  What is the paleo diet?  Why are grains unhealthy?  What is 80/20, and how does it make sticking with the paleo diet much easier?  How does the vegan diet stack up against the paleo diet?  We discuss all this and more.


For full disclosure’s sake, I misspoke when I said that as of last October (2013) I had been on the paleo diet for 3 years.  October 2013 was actually the 2 year marker for how long I have been paleo.  Sorry about that.


Here is a low commitment option ->  Try Mark Sisson’s 21 Day Challenge:


Here is the podcast with Karen De Coster that started me down the road to the paleo lifestyle:


Here is my favorite health podcast.  Underground Wellness is great for gaining exposure to many different concepts and topics on health and nutrition:


My first, and still my favorite, paleo book:


Mark Sisson’s blog also has basically all of the same information that is in the book above, and it's available for free online:


Here is a great site, complete with a phone app, for tracking the food you eat, how much you exercise, etc:


Denise Minger was the woman I mentioned on the show who has done a great deal of work comparing the vegan diet to the paleo diet.  Here is a presentation she did on the China Study:


Susan Schenck is a woman who use to be a champion for veganism.  She wrote books on how great it was.  And then it stopped working for her, and when I say “stopped working” I’m putting it very nicely!  She now writes books on how the vegan diet is awful, that you may feel great the first few years, but eventually the deficiencies catch up with you in a big way:


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Choice Conversations has an opening for an editor.  Unfortunately my editor had to retire, and I simply do not have the time to do it myself.  Podcasts may be few and far between if I don’t get some help!  It is super easy, I can talk you through how to do it, it just consumes more time than I have available.  If you enjoy the podcast and otherwise receive value from it, editing a few shows for me would be a great way to reciprocate and give value in return.  Message me on facebook for details:

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Professional wrestler Glenn Jacobs, who goes by the ring name of Kane in the WWE, joined me on New Year’s Day 2014 for a great discussion.  Glenn told me about his journey, getting into professional wrestling, and how that impacted the growth of his political and economic views.  We then took a hard look at the Federal Reserve, the NSA, and the TSA.  Was 9/11 not a big deal?  Is the public school system undermining American freedom?  How far is the USA from Soviet-style totalitarianism?  Can the internet save us? 


Listen to how Glenn and I ring in the New Year and “celebrate” the 100th birthday of the Federal Reserve. :)


Find more from Glenn here:


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Steve Patterson joins me for the greatly anticipated Dog Whisperer show.  We discuss the TV program The Dog Whisper, and very quickly the conversation turns toward comparing the techniques Cesar Millan uses to train dogs to the tactics parents use to control their children.  Are there parenting lessons to be learned from Cesar?  What is human nature?  Is it hierarchical as is the nature of canines? 


And just what exactly does Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter have to do with all of this?  You’ll have to listen to find out!  :)


This is Choice Conversations’ first Christmas episode, recorded Christmas Eve 2013.  Happy Holidays to all the wonderful listeners!  It is truly a privilege to have this opportunity to connect, share, and learn with you.


Here is the podcast mentioned on today’s show with Wes Bertrand and Darrel Becker where we discussed whether or not Non-Violent Communication went against human nature:


Here are previous podcasts on parenting:


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Miro and Lainie from the Raising Miro on the Road of Life travel blog and podcast join me for a wonderful conversation.  Lainie and her son tell me all about their life on the road in South America, living outside of the main stream, unschooling, or “world schooling” as they call it, using travel as a tool for education for both son and mother.  In addition to education, much time is spent discussing the partnership that is required for successful, fulfilling parenting.


Plus we find out which HP Lovecraft tale is Miro’s favorite!  :)


Find more from Miro and Lainie here:


Join Miro and Lainie this summer in Peru:


Here is a link to Miro’s short stories, as mentioned during the show:


Previous podcast on unschooling:


Previous podcasts on travel:


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Carson and Jeff from Bardcast, the Shakespeare podcast, join me to discuss the life and works of William Shakespeare.  This is a fun conversation where we discuss why we love Shakespeare, and attempt to answer questions like “Is Shakespeare still relevant today?”  and “Was Shakespeare a racist?”  In addition, we spend some time talking about the glorious rock star life style us podcasters get to enjoy, and close it out with a short list of Carson’s favorite Shakespeare themed films and plays.

Find more from Carson and Jeff here:

We spend more time discussing King Lear than any of Shakespeare’s other plays, simply because it was the play I’d read most recently and had closest to the forefront of my mind.  :)  I should mention there are spoilers for King Lear in this podcast.

Here is the lecture on King Lear mentioned during the show:

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So bitcoin is a can’t miss investment that is guaranteed to go up, right?  Steve Patterson joins me to discuss some of the reasons why that might not be the case.  Is bitcoin too volatile to be a useful currency?  Is bitcoin the AOL of cryptocurrencies?  How do you perform a valuation of bitcoin as you would other investments?  This fun conversation goes in many directions, covering topics like the Silk Road website, the NSA, pornography, gambling, privacy, competing currencies, and more.


Find out more about bitcoin here:


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In this conversation Darrell Becker and Wes Bertrand joined me to tackle the topics of judgment and responsibility.  I found that these two things, judgment and responsibility (or denial of responsibility as is often the case) often go together.  We discuss how these topics handled using Non-violent communication (NVC), and go over many examples, including events in the news, sexism, the Free Domain Radio podcast, and more!


Find more from Darrell here:


Find more from Wes here:


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The conversation continues with Erik Townsend, as he tells us about his epic journey around the world.  

Many topics are explored, including the following:  How do the considerations differ when evaluating a place for snow birding verses a primary residence?  Hawaii is a hell hole?  Why not the Carribean?  But isn’t Europe fiscally insolvent?  What was it like living out of a suit case perpetually?  What about our good friends in the TSA?  What are some good survival tips for this type of traveling?  What is the value in agility?  And finally, what was Erik’s pick for a home base?  What about a plan B in case things sour there?  Conclusions?


Below are the travel destinations covered in this show:



San Sebastian


Cannes (France)



The Italian country side


And more on Hong Kong and Puerto Vallarta


If you missed part 1, you’ll find it here:


Find more from Erik here:


Looking for a house in Maine?  Buy Erik’s house!


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Erik Townsend is back, but this time to cover a different topic: world travel!  Erik had spent his entire life living in the United States, and thought it was time to evaluate what the rest of the world had to offer.  Erik tells us about his epic trip around the world, evaluating alternative residences.


Learn about the differences between traveling to a location for recreation and actually living there.  Why is it that recognizing that a place is up and coming is not the same thing as determining it is a place where you’ll want to live?  Find out that and much more, including what Erik liked and didn’t like about the following places:


Hong Kong


Mexico City

Puerto Vallarta




New Zealand


In order to keep the shows to a more readily digestible size, I broke the interview into two episodes.  This is part one.  Part two can be found here:


Find more from Erik here:


Looking for a house in Maine?  Buy Erik’s house!


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Jae Jun from the Old School Value blog joins me to talk about value investing.  We discuss what is value investing, as well as the importance of having a systematic approach.  Jae tells us about some of the specifics to his investment strategy, including tactics to help prevent letting your emotions sabotage your ability to successfully manage your money.


You’ll find Jae’s blog, along with the great utilities and resources mentioned during the podcast, right here:




Bumper music:

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Erik Townsend returns to the show to discuss what he sees as a slow motion Armageddon.  Yes, there are deep problems in the global financial system, but they’re not going to manifest overnight.  It will play out over many years, as the United States uses financial repression to attempt to get out from under its debt load.  What can you do to protect yourself?


Many other topics are explored in this enlightening interview: Syria, hypocrisy from Obama, gold and the likelihood of confiscation, the NSA and the police state, and the lack of critical thinking in the United States.


Find more from Erik here:


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By popular demand Andrew Horowitz is back!  We discuss the Fed’s decision not to taper and how fundamentals are out the window right now if you’re trying to invest in these markets.  Andrew talks about how technicals are the only thing working in this environment, and then provides some details of his technical based product Trigger Point Research.  Trigger Point Research provides subscribers with detailed, actionable trades, where to get in, where to get out, sent directly to their phones the moment the markets give a signal. 


Get a free trial here:


After the 2 week free trial, Choice Conversations listeners get a 35% discount for the first month using the following coupon code:  chrismoney 

Thanks Andrew!

Find more from Andrew here:


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Acclaimed author Warren Farrell joins me to discuss couples communication.  We talk about how the human species evolved a certain reaction to criticism which was useful during more primitive times, but is no longer serving us in modern times as we try to have fulfilling marriages.  The focus is primarily on communication with a life partner, but we dip into parenting, education, and communication with friends, co-workers, or anyone!


Meet Warren in person!  Scroll to the bottom to find his latest appearances, including the one discussed on the show in Big Sur:


Choice Conversations is now on Facebook.  Stop in, say hi, discuss the shows, and more!  If you like Choice Conversations then "like" me on facebook and share the page with your friends:


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Darrell Becker from Tragedy and Hope joined Steve Patterson and me to discuss merging the Trivium with Non-Violent Communication.  This was a fun and fascinating journey into melding two seemingly very different things, a strategy for learning and a strategy for connecting with yourself and others, and finding that the sum of the parts creates something greater.

Darrell is the first person I’ve interviewed where he was the one to initiate contact.  He’s been a long time listener, and it was a new and pleasurable experience to have a fan of the show on as a guest. 

Find more from Darrell below:

Darrell’s blog:

Darrell on Tragedy and Hope, Merging the Trivium with NVC:

Darrell on Unplugged Mom:


Below you’ll find more information on the topics we discussed:

Previous podcasts on the Trivium:

Non-Violent Communication:


Parent Effectiveness Training:

Previous podcasts on Parent Effectiveness Training:


Pete Gerlach’s site on Inner Family Systems Therapy:

Previous podcasts with Pete Gerlach:


42 Fallacies:

Rhetorical Triangle:

The Continuum Concept: In Search Of Happiness Lost by Jean Liedloff:

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Wes Bertrand from the Complete Liberty Podcast joins me to talk about my personal experience with the Virgin Diet, as well as a general look at N=1 experiments.  We spend a good bit of time discussing what makes for good science: removing bias, controlling variables, and so on, while mixing in my own anecdotal findings while trying JJ Virgin's elimination diet.

Choice Conversations is now on Facebook.  Stop in, say hi, discuss the shows, and more!  If you like what you hear from me, "like" me on facebook and share my page with your friends:

Find more from Wes here:


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Steve Patterson joined me for a free-flowing discussion, a “BS session” if you will.  A potpourri of subjects was covered, including the following:

  • Edward Snowden
  • Bradley Manning
  • traitors vs heroes
  • The American Revolution
  • 9/11
  • critical thinking skills
  • questioning authority (but I repeat myself)
  • the economy
  • What would you do if you were chairman of the FED?
  • inflation
  • competing currencies
  • being bearish during a bull market
  • the challenges of running a podcast
  • being star struck
  • setting major life goals
  • success in sales
  • debating politics
  • The difference between progressives, conservatives, and libertarians
  • “speed reading” audiobooks and podcasts with applications like stitcher:

Steve breaks up a bit for a minute or two in the middle of the podcast, but the audio quickly improves afterward.  Don’t get discouraged, it won’t last long!

I was privileged to have the chance to speak with legendary investor Jim Rogers.  Jim is one of my favorite authors, as his books are not only full of great investing advice, but they also hold a wealth of lessons that are useful in all facets of life.  We spent much of the time talking about his latest book, Street Smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Markets, which details his journey to this point in his life.  It is quite possibly his best book yet!


Jim is a hero of mine, having already accomplished two of my personal goals.  One, he “retired” from his day job, and then began “working” for himself investing his own money for a living.  Two, he then became an accomplished world traveler.  I too am working toward both of these goals. 


I have to admit, I was a little star struck during the interview because I admire Jim so much.  If I didn’t have a few talking points written down ahead of time this could have been a VERY short interview, as my mind was blank for much of the time.  :)  Fortunately, Jim cared the day and the show still turned out great. 


Find more from Jim here:

And definitely check out his books.  Street Smarts and A Gift for my Children are required reading for anyone, not just those who are interested in investing:                                                                  

Bumper music:                                               

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Andrew Craig, author of Own the World, is back for another great discussion.  Andy starts by sharing his journey from working on “The Hill” in DC, to working as a broker in the banking industry, to starting his own business, and recently returning to investment banking.  We learn how he developed his strategies for investing and get a small peak “under the hood” at some of the details of these strategies. 


Check out Andy’s book and blog:

Bumper music:

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Today, I’m joined by neurosurgeon Jack Kruse.  Dr. Kruse used foundational laws of science to develop protocols to maximize hormones in the body and optimize health.  This is done by timing when to eat, getting in tune with natural circadian rhythms, using cold thermogenesis, and most importantly utilizing labs. 

Dr. Kruse tells out about the success he’s had, doing such amazing things as adding muscle mass without weight lifting and losing weight while eating more and exercising less!  I considered titling this episode “Live Like a Polar Bear, Eat Like a Great White Shark.”  :)


Check out this spectacular offer from Dr. Kruse:


Today’s show was just the tip of the iceberg.  Find out more here:



Bumper music:

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Gene Odening comes back to continue the discussion of the trivium, this time focusing on rhetoric.  Gene takes us on a walk through many topics: history, philosophy, psychology, politics, education, Non-violent Communication, and tying all of it back to the trivium.  The show ends with Gene detailing ways you can increase your skill with rhetoric.


Trivium Resources:


Rhetoric Resources:


Also discussed during the show:


Here are the show notes Gene promised during the interview:

The comprehensive self-study course on Rhetoric is:


Classical Rhetoric with Aristotle, Student Guide - by Martin Cothran (Note: the books Rhetoric by Aristotle & W. Rhys Roberts, as well as How To Read a Book by Adler & Van Doren are also required for this course.)

Thumbnail sketch of Formal Rhetoric


RHETORIC - Systematic Wisdom - persuasively expressing or using Knowledge (general grammar) and Understanding (Aristotelean logic).

> (Definition of Art - Anything produced by the "arm" of man ["arm" is being used metaphorically to reference etymology]. This is, again, a broad definition that includes the concept of "fine art" which is the most popular connotation of "art". It can be either an idea having only mental existence or a physical art-ifact produced by the "arm" of man from an idea. An unwritten poem passed on from one person to another is an example of the former; a novel, an opera, a sculpture, a space shuttle, or the protocols of medicine are examples of the latter.)

Systematic Wisdom is not the art of persuasion and explanation itself, but the art of selecting the best means of persuasion and explanation from a set of known principles.

As a body of Knowledge has been gathered and arranged, and an Understandable summary or conclusion has been made from that arrangement, the choice of how best to communicate this information to others must be considered and, in the process, the subject being examined usually comes into a still sharper focus to the author of the propositional argument. At this point of clarity, the entire propositional argument can be called a "Statement of Rationale". That is, the conclusion, and - of equal importance - the thought processes behind that conclusion have been stated. In a modern context, what is often overlooked when considering the Wisdom Phase is that it can be more than a form of conceptual expression; i.e., of simply being the Art of Persuasion. In times past, civic matters were the major concerns, and the art of having others come to one's point of view was of paramount importance. Today, due to its product of mental clarity, rhetoric can also be used to provide a physical outcome by deducing a "Statement of Protocols" (a set of instructions) from the Statement of Rationale. A physical result or a man-ufactured artifact can be actualized by proceeding from Knowledge, to Understanding, and on through the Wisdom Phase. Again, this is a broader view of rhetoric than the view proposed by the ancients.

The elements of Systematic Wisdom are:

1. The five stages (or what are called "canons") of composition:


1] invention, 2] arrangement, 3] style, 4] memory, and 5] delivery.

2. The three types of discourse: deliberative (political), judicial (forensic), and ceremonial (epideictic). They are related to time: future, past, and present tense, respectively.

The Past and Future belong to men; the eternally present Now belongs to the gods.

3. The three appeals: rational, emotional, and ethical. Stated more succinctly in Classical terms: the rational is the Logos of the proposition or argument being presented, the emotional is the Pathos of the audience, and ethical is the Ethos of the author or orator of the proposition.

4. Types of proofs: inartificial (which is external, objective evidence), artificial (is subjectively devised or invented by the author of the proof or argument).

5. The topics --

The common topics: genus or kind, comparison, and consequence.

The special topics: the right and expedient (deliberative), the just and unjust (forensic), praise and blame (epideictic).

> Oration (Wisdom presented in formal speech)

6. Arrangement: the five parts of classical oration: introduction (exordium), statement of facts, confirmation, refutation, and conclusion (peroration).

7. Style: diction (selection of most appropriate words), sentences (length, type, and variety), rhetorical figures (schemes and figures of speech or tropes).

Skilled Wisdom authors can use the discipline in two senses. In its most fundamental form, Systematic Wisdom is the art of efficiently passing thoughts from one person to others. In its most effective form, it is the art of passing "validated" thoughts from one person to others.

The internet is a valuable adjunct to the concepts presented above. A simple word search on any of the technical terms listed should suffice to bring the proper clarification needed to implement a useful rhetorical dissertation.


> The work of Wisdom is the cogently expressed communication of Knowledge and Understanding. It leads to a higher levels of knowledge and understanding: the knowing of Knowledge and the understanding of Understanding.

> The effect of Wisdom is to demonstrate the usefulness of Knowledge and Understanding. That is, it is to display the insight - the thought process - in an article of persuasion or in the formulation of an outcome.

>Through the skilled use of rhetoric, all planned human activity can be communicated and directed. This is a two edged sword. Rhetoric / Wisdom can be directed to beneficial or to malevolent goals.

Let us end by reviewing some of the personal benefits which are inherent in the Trivium Method. The following will be most efficiently and effectively realized by using the trivium to train the mind for critical and creative thinking: 1] the path to a challenging, productive livelihood can be intelligently defined; 2] sound physical and psychological health, a judicious ethical standard, a high level of self esteem and the sense of well-being can be optimized; 3] rewarding personal relationships will manifest through the cultivation of beneficial ethics and well being; and 4] the astuteness to best discern the issues (i.e., the quality of information) regarding security will be developed. That is only the beginning. An adherent of the Method can acquire elevated levels of penetrating insight which would otherwise not be available. Through that insight he can also self-teach the contents of a propositional argument or of an entire, formalized subject of knowledge if he chooses to bring his - likewise - heightened focus to doing so. When a culture's government, education systems, and news media are not corrupt, the constant need for "fact checking" is not as critical as it is during the periods of dis-information and propaganda like that which we are currently experiencing. The trivium is the premier method for independent fact checking. The next two benefits of insight are corollaries: 1] a person is truly educated in that he can now thoroughly entertain any idea without necessarily embracing it (this was an observation made by Aristotle); and, 2] traveling somewhat in another direction, he becomes free from the prison of his own prejudicial opinions ... he obtains an open mind. Because the trivium harmonizes subjective thought with objective reality, he could, in fact, develop new and original propositional arguments and entire bodies of knowledge as competently as those respected people who have preceded him. An integral person, one who is fully mindful, is limited only by his or her interests and ambitions.

He is happy, as well as great who needs neither to obey nor to command in order to be something --
--Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Liz Wolfe joins me to discuss healthy skin and hair.  She provides us with practical, natural solutions that you can make at home for shaving, hair care, and more!   There is much more where this came from at her sites below.  Check them out!


Liz’s sites:


As discussed during the show:


Pre-order her book:



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Steve Crandall joins me to discuss Leader Effectiveness Training, as developed by Thomas Gordon.  LET is a method of communication and conflict resolution that enables anyone who has been placed in a leadership position to get better results and to do it in a manner that is pleasant for both the leader and their followers.  It is based on the same principals as Gordon’s Parent Effectiveness Training, which of course has been mentioned numerous times on the show.


To find out more from Steve go to his website:


Or send Steve an email:


Gordon Training International’s site a tremendous resource for LET:


Gordon's essay What Every Leader Should Know:



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Stefan Molyneux is back, and this time we discuss his fantastic novel The God of Atheists.  I had a ton of fun talking about this book with Stefan, and if you’ve not yet read it, don’t worry, this episode does not contain any spoilers.

And if you’ve not yet read The God of Atheists, I have to ask why not?  This novel is truly a masterwork, the most important work of fiction since The Fountain Head.  You’ve got to read this book!

The paperback version can be found here:;jsessionid=E620D82D6A8242A91415F77BAECF6534


PDF and audio versions of the book are available for gold donors on Stef's website:


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Steve Patterson co-hosts with me as we talk to Alfie Kohn, the best-selling author of many books on parenting and education.  We spend a large portion of the show discussing how using punishments and rewards, carrots and sticks, teaches children that they are only loved under certain conditions, they are only valuable when they do good.   There are many ramifications of this approach, none of which are desirable.  We also discuss some of the flaws of the public education system, how it crushes the natural desire of children to learn.

Find more from Alfie Kohn here:

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In this show I speak with Seth Andrews, author of Deconverted: a Journey from Religion to Reason, and founder of the website and podcast The Thinking Atheist.


We talk about Seth’s journey from being a Christian radio DJ to being a public advocate for truth, what proof is required to believe in a deity, free markets, and more!

Please visit Seth’s wonderful site and buy his book:


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Andrew Horowitz joins me to discuss investing in the financial markets.  He talks about his journey working in the industry the last 20 plus years and how much things have changed.  We discuss the economy, and learn what do you do when the economy and the market send you different signals. 

Find more from Andrew here:

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With Mother’s Day looming, there is no better time to have on one of my favorite mothers, Adele Faber.  In this show, we both share stories about our experience as parents.  Adele talks about the new edition of her best seller How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids will Talk and provides us with scores of sage advice.


You can find Adele here:

And her books here:

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Sean Croxton teaches us about JERF, Just Eat Real Foods.  We learn exactly what real food is, how our friends sabotage us when we’re trying to lose weight, why it’s important to have good reasons to get healthy, the importance of sleep, and how Sean gained a fear of planes!


You can find Sean below:


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I welcome back Pete Gerlach to discuss psychology and self-help.  We cover his great article “Five Epidemic Personal, Marital, and Family Hazards”:


Here is the link to his free 7 lesson self-improvement course mentioned during the show:


Pete’s youtube channel:


Pete provides phone consultations:


Or find a local therapist who specializes in IFS therapy (Inner Family systems):


An interview with Dr. Faye Snyder about RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder):


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Two Beers with Steve has now become the Choice Conversations podcast.  In this show we learn about the host’s journey; how he unplugged from the matrix.


Below are links to several items mentioned during the show.


Peter Gerlach’s “Break the Cycle” website:

Wes Bertrand and Complete Liberty:

The Market for Liberty free audio book:

True News 13: Statism is Dead - Part 3 - The Matrix:

“The Law” by FRÉDÉRIC BASTIAT:, (audio version)

How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World by Harry Browne:  

Nathaniel Brandon sentence completion exercises:

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Our guest this week is Andy Craig, CEO & Founder of Plain English Finance.  We talk about his book “Own the World,” which is about the importance of learning to invest; why everyone can and should manage their own money.

Learn more about Andy at his blog:

Here are links to the free newsletters Andy mentions during the show:

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This show is a short conversation Steve and I had while waiting to interview Andy Craig.  We talked about parenting, specifically Alfie Kohn’s great book Unconditional Parenting.  Since the topic of this opening discussion was dramatically different then the topic of our interview of Andy Craig (which was finance/investing), I decided to break the discussion up into two separate podcasts. 


Here is a link to Wes Bertrand’s reading of the book Unconditional Parenting, as discussed during the show:

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This week Dan Carlin joins us to mix a little history into the discussion.  Dan is the host of a political podcast called Common Sense, as well as one on history called Hardcore History.  On the latter, he recently did a series on the Mongol empire, and that is the discussion for today’s show. 

I had a blast doing this show, getting to pick Dan’s brain on a variety of points about the colorful story of the Mongols.  Check out his web site for more:

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In this week's show we revisit a question from the last podcast, is society truly progressing?  To help us answer the question we have a round table discussion.  Hosts Steve and Chris are joined by previous guests Wes Bertrand of the Complete Liberty Podcast and Brett Veinotte from the Schools Sucks Project.  Listen to the show to discover why we almost titled this episode "The Philosophy of Hookers."

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Steve returns from vacation to engage in one of the more unusual podcasts we have ever done. Steve subjects Chris Stefanick to a scenario in which he changes the incentives of the scenario through a series of questions. 

Recently Steve has been experimenting with this series of questions in an effort to expose the perverse incentives behind government redistribution. Obviously the experiment is still evolving and Steve would gladly accept different scenarios and questions to add to his experiments. If you are interested in helping out just contact us at

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On today’s show we talk to Dayna Martin, the UnNanny.  We discuss her book, Radical Unschooling, and the odyssey she has been on with her family living the life style.  It was amazing to hear how different life can be if you do not follow the main stream paradigm.


I encourage you to check out more of the great work she is doing:


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This week’s guest is Wes Bertrand from the Complete Liberty podcast.  We cover psychology, ethics, parenting, statism, nutrition; seemingly no topic is off limits! 


Wes is so well rounded he has four different websites, each with a different focus.  I encourage you to explore them.

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Pete Gerlach joined us once again, this time to talk about the skill of communication.  We discuss reasons people communicate, skills needed to communicate effectively, and a few of the more than 30 communication blocks that he details on his website.
Here is a link to his "Lesson 2" study guide on effective communication:
Here are links to his youtube playlists on communication:
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Brett Venoitte of The School Sucks Project joins us to discuss the reason why he does not call our school system the 'Education System', the chief reason is that education is not the goal of our current school system. Brett elaborates on how he does not think reforming our current system will do any good. 

Along with many criticisms of the current public school system Brett also gives his vision of restoring critical thinking skills into a truly educational system, something our current system lacks. 

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We invited Peter Gerlach to talk about his 7 Self-Help Improvement Lessons

  1)  Free your wise resident true Self and reduce two to six "wounds."

   2)  Learn effective thinking and communication basics and skills

   3)  Learn to practice healthy three-level grief

   4)  Learn how to choose and maintain high-nurturance relationships

   5)  Learn how to evolve and maintain high-nurturance families

   6)  Learn kids' needs and effective parenting basics and skills

   7)  Use lessons 1-6 to evolve a high-nurturance stepfamily

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On today's show we talk to Judy Pardo, a psychotherapist and certified P.E.T. instructor.  She tells us about the parenting method's presented in the wonderful book by Thomas Gordon, Parent Effectiveness Training, and the work she does with parents and children in New York City.

You can find more about Judy here:

Gordon Training International's website is a great resource for the P.E.T. method:

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Tom Woods the historian, economist, and political analyst joins Chris and I on Two Beers With Steve to discuss his latest venture The Liberty Classroom. A first of it's kind on-line education forum that aims to educate Liberty-minded individuals while at the same time arming the students with tools for debating.

Tom refers to Liberty Classroom as teaching the Real Version of history and the Real Version of economics and when I challenged him on what he was implying Tom responds that he is not implying anything at all, that instead he is explicitly stating that the current narrative taught in public schools and universities is flawed and incorrect at times and goes unchallenged. 

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The co-hosts of the popular Zen Parenting Radio Podcast join Chris and I for a hearty discussion on Parenting. Cathy and Todd Adams discuss their particular way of being self-aware parents and how they overcome the daily challenges of being responsible parents.

Some takeaway points from this podcast are:

-Parenting is "simple... but not easy"

-Steve provides a really bad sports analogy

-How to handle not becoming "offended" when a child yells back at you or disrespects the parent

-We spend a good bit of time talking about the partnership of parents and how important that is, and also how to manage that relationship in a healthy way

Steve's Aftershow Deep Thoughts:

Oddly (but not so oddly), I walked away from this interview noticing a parallel between 'Parenting Podcasts' and 'Business Management Podcasts' because they both share the same language and structure. Both topics are about empowering the individual who is being managed to be free and creative but yet there is always a need for safe boundaries. Both topics tackle the issue of establishing order. Both topics understand that a reward system is necessary. Both topics understand that discipline must be catered to foster learning from the example (the fear of punishment is a powerful motivator to curb behaviors but not so much a motivator to be innovative).

Management and parenting may just be one in the same. Is there a relationship between how we treat children and how we treat adults? Are there universal behaviors and treatments that can be gleaned from one topic and transferred to the other topic?

Obviously, I will concede that this may not always be the case (diaper changing for example) but in most situations you can transfer a success/failure example in the parenting realm and achieve a relative success/failure in the business realm. It certainly is worth noting and experimenting with in your personal life. 

Until next time... take care. 



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Stefan Molyneux joins my co-host and I for a discussion about injecting philosophical morals and ethics into our parenting. Stefan introduces and describes what it means to be a 'Philosohical Parent' and reminds us that the relationship between the parent and child is unique in it's structure and therefore we must recognize this disparity of power and respect it. 

After a short introduction to the topic I quiz Stefan on how he would handle this situation and that situation in which Stefan responds with several tools that he uses. After a few short discussions of 'how-to's' Stefan realizes that not all tools are fool-proof and universal and will require preparation on the part of the parent, thus requiring a parent to be vigilant and aware. Stefan then brings the discussion back to the morals and ethics of these examples.

We end this episode strangely enough, gushing and fawning over the work of Stefan Molyneux. He is afterall the 'King of All Content' and has recorded thousands of hours of media, which could easily dominate one's thinking and spare time. Maybe I should have quizzed him on his rise to the position as 'Cult Hero' in the Libertarian scene, but I failed to do so... maybe next time.

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Cronyism + Capitalism = Crapitalism.

Chris and I recap the election briefly and talk about the future of the Republican Party.

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Once every four years I became fully engaged in the "political super-cycle" and this time around is no different. In this episode I focus my energy on the topic of debating. After my interest was picqued through the Presidential Debates I went searching for other debates and found this debate "Stefan Molyneux vs. Sam Seder" and decided to record a podcast on the material brought up in the debate.

In this debate Molyneux and Seder debate Libertarinism and in my opinion Seder is the victor, though his victory was purely a victory of debating "style" rather than "substance". Seder was able to disarm Molyneux from some of his more effective arguments before he had the chance to fully engage them. 

For this reason of losing on style rather than substance I decided to discuss the common pitfalls of defending Libertairinism and how to counter the arguments.

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How could we not talk about the debates? The political season is upon us and which war-monger shall we choose?

You'll hear my synopsis of the past two debates and why none of it really matters. Also, should I vote or should I not vote?

Beyond our discussion about the debates we also talk about my book recommendation Albions Seed and why I chose this particular novel to read. The discussion surrounding the book brings us to a larger discussion about the founding of this country.

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After an extended break I (think I) will be back on a semi-regular basis putting out shows. I've reformatted the show down to 30 minutes (or so) in an effort to get me back in the podcast-o-sphere.

This episode is a meandering conversation with Chris Stefanick on various topics. As you might imagine I am a bit rusty on podcasting but I will get back into the swing of things before long.


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A while has passed since our last podcast but after a long break I'm back with a podcast about Bit Coin.

Bit Coin is a digital currency that is not affiliated with any person, country, or nation. It is an independently operating currency that is very much still in it's infancy after almost four years of being circulated. But in this interview Brian Nugent explains that Bit Coin is not just some passing fancy, it is actually an emergent technology that has the momentum to upend the current monetary system... or to out it more bluntly, the current monetary regime. 

This interview is an eye-opening look into what could very well be the future of money. Please don't miss this informative podcast.

Open a BitCoin Account

Donate to my BitCoin Wallet - 14ZF5Vpz9SSwdXkJAsDtHcRsUYSJAF2R16

Interesting Data about BitCoin

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Why is it that I've focused the last two podcasts on the Trivium (and soon to be three podcasts)?

The reason is that I think it is vitally important to understand this ancient form of understanding so that we may better interpret the world around us. The Trivium teaches a systematic and methodical approach to learning.

Whenever we come upon new information our minds intuitively begin dissecting it, but can our intuition (or gut feeling) be trusted? Are we wired correctly? Where did we receive our intuition? These are questions I cannot answer completely. Is it our culture? Is it our education? Is it genetic?

The Trivium is a conscious thought based approach to overcome our built-in programming. We can consciously make a choice to re-wire our intuition so that we categorize information and then dissect it from a more methodical standpoint. 

This is mind-altering stuff, yet it seems so simple and basic. I know that many listeners feel the same way because after the last show with Jan I received more thank-you's than I have ever had about a podcast. Many of the comments were similiar to mine, the Trivium is simple and basic yet mind-blowing.


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Jan Irvin, host of the popular Gnostic Media podcast stops by to talk about the Trivium education. This podcast covers a general overview of what the Trivium is and how a knowledge of the Trivium can help you discern what is 'true' from what is fallacious. 

The Trivium is an ancient method of critical thinking that has three components; grammar, logic, and rhetoric. These three components make up the only three of the seven Liberal Arts. The other four concepts are covered in the Quadrivium (but we did not cover that in this episode).

Jan explains how the sophisticated class (the elites, the sophists, the powerful) has employed the Trivium to use mind control over the lower classes of society. Due to the fact that the educated class has access to better critical thinking skills they employ techniques to manipulate the minds of the less educated. Think of advertisements, campaign slogans, and government propaganda.

With a knowledge of the Trivium (which can be self-taught and is easily accesible) anyone can quickly learn techniques to identify logical fallacies and propaganda. 

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An introspective podcast into the results of what happens when I tell myself the story of 'how bad things could get'. Is this a dangerous activity? Will I follow the path of the Unabomber? Can I be a functional member of society?

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This week I interview Aaron Hawkins of the website Waiting For The Storm

I don't know how I came upon Aarons videos and website but I am glad that I did. Aaron does what few revolutionaries are capable of doing; condensing their complex message down to a 3 minute video that is Facebook-able (ie. pasting the video into Facebook and having people actually watch it). 

Where this interview was intended to go is not where it ended up and I'm glad we discussed what we did... but... there is still plenty to talk about with Aaron (am I hearing a part two?). We eventually settled upon the topic of awakening people to Aarons message and whereas I am sceptical of claims of internet videos making a difference, Aaron defended his position that it is possible and desperately needs to be done, albiet it needs to be done correctly.

The book 'The Crowd' by Gustave Le Bon is available for free download on Amazon for your Kindle or E-Book reader.

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Chris and I once again analyze the book Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlett.

We don't complete the entire book but after three episodes we felt the need to move on to more current topics. Besides, I finished this book weeks ago and I want to discuss other things (selfish, I know).

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Chris and I once again dig into Chapters 4 & 5 of Hazletts book 'Economics in One Lesson'. 

This episodes voice quality was lower than usual but it will be repaired for our third installment of this book review.

I apologize for the long lag between episodes but I am currently very busy with many different projects and have little time for accomplishing everything that is on my to-do lists. 

Please email all comments and suggestions to twobeerswithsteve at


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I am trying something new here by examining the book 'Economics in One Lesson' by Henry Hazlett.

My guest, Chris Stefanick, and I dissect this book chapter by chapter and make commentary on the One Lesson presented by Henry Hazlett.

This podcast is meant to be educational while also keeping in the tradition of Two Beers of Steve, which means I have to be entertained as well. 

You can either listen along without having read the book or you can pick up a copy and join in the conversation by writing into the show... we'd love to hear from you.

{I'm writing my email this way to avoid an insane amount of spam}

twobeerswithsteve (at) hotmail dotcom

I hope you can decode my email.


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EAT TO LIVE by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. That book and that doctors name have been uttered around this house so many countless times. That book changed the way we eat, the way that we view food, and the way that we view our bodies. Now is he the Guru of Health and Diet? I would argue that he is not and decades (maybe even generations of study) are needed to determine why he is right and why he is wrong.

In this short vignette I open up about the way that I eat and the reasons we do so. I also admit the possibility that the way we eat may not be the optimal diet... but... I argue that we are headed in the right direction.

Take care, have a happy new year, and if you have questions about the Eat To Live diet, my wife and I would be glad to respond.

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I discovered Lee Camp on the aggregator site, Knowledge is Asking the Right Questions, and for a few months I caught his videos when they were posted. His videos were aptly titled 'A Moment of Clarity' because of the fact that he shreds apart the Logical Fallacies so evident in politics and the media nowadays. Comedians like Lee Camp (and to an even greater extent, Jon Stewart) are rightly raising their eyebrows at the rhetoric being pumped out of the Big Brother speakers.

Lee Camps Moment of Clarity Videos and Podcasts

Lee Camp on Fox News 'A Festival of Ignorance'

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Another vignette that was recorded as I was driving down the road. I announce that I will be interviewing comedian Lee Camp who is morally responsible for the excellent YouTube video series 'The Moment of Clarity'. I discovered his work through some postings on the aggregator site. Knowledge is Asking the Right Questions. 

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Just me and my Iphone App, recording a vignette as I sit in my office.

The argument I am making, "The Tea Party is Based on False Premise", is one that I make often to people who associate themselves with the Tea Party. Needless to say, I don't get invited back to Tea Party parties. 

The song I chose for close out the show is 'The Debtor' by Miles Benjamin Anthony. His entire album is great but this song in particular stands out above the rest.

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Dr. Michael Labossiere joins me in a discussion concerning Logical Fallacies. For the unintiated Logical Fallacies are, roughly speaking, an error in reasoning.

My interest in this topic came from a passing comment made by a guest on another podcast I was listening to, he mentioned that logical fallacies are ever-present in commercials. This piqued my curiosity and I explored the topic further including Richard Gula's excellent book 'Nonsense: A Handbook for Logical Fallacies'. 

I then sought after a guest that could come onto my show and illustrate the logical fallacies that we most commonly come across; ad hominum, appeal to emotion, appeal to the crowd, the fallacy of confidence, etc.. My search led me to Dr. Michael Labossiere, professor of Philosophy at Florida A & M and also author of two book on logical fallacies; '42 Logical Fallacies' and '30 More Fallacies'.

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In this episode I wander over to Occupy Chicago and talk to a few individuals about the Occupy Movement. It was a great time and I recorded an interview with a flag waving veteran. I also spoke with some young gentleman which were a few of the folks that I had hoped to see at the Occupy movement; young, vigilant, curious, capable of listening and learning. That conversation was not recorded. 

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Once again Mandy Henk joins me on the show and once again I am talking about my guilty pleasure, discussing Occupy Wall Street. I was knee deep into the Tea Party activism, even with it's many flaws, but this time I'm head over heels for Occupy Wall Street, even with it's many flaws.

Mandy has Occupied Wall Street (via Zuccotti Park) on three seperate visits. Having been someone who has seen the movement grow into now what may very well be a revolution, I thought she would be a great guest to discuss the issue. Mandy illustrates the daily goings-on and what the feel of the crowd is. We discuss the logistics of going to the bathroom as well as describing the soap-boxing that goes on.

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Nathan Martin joins me to discuss why he is supportive of Occupy Wall Street yet he thinks their focus should squarely be on the ownership of wh gets to control the production and distribution of this country's monetary unit.

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100 episodes. That is alot of episodes.

Part 1 of 2 is The Great Big 'I Don't Know' and Part 2 is What Can Be Wrong About Resiliency

This is a two hour conversation split over two episodes, unedited, uncensored, and thoroughly entertaining. It was a return to our roots of having roundtable discussions about anything we damn well feel like talking about. It is what I like to call the Zen of Two Beers of Steve...



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Protesting the XL Pipeline with Mandy Henk

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Oh, how I love doing the podcast! I have missed it over the summer but the tradeoff is that I get to spend almost every free minute with the kids and working in the garden; learning and shaping my knowledge for another fruitful year. I believe that everything that I spend my precious little free time must be used towards creating something of value.

You might be asking how watching Mad Men episodes fit within that 'creating value' mantra. Well, I watch those episodes sitting beside my wife and afterwards we analyze the episodes and discuss the traits that each character possesses and what drives them. Those conversations are helpful ways in connecting with my wife on a different level from our careers, finances, or the children.

Everyone can have afford themselves a little fun, you just have to know to use that entertainment to better yourself and your relationships.

In this episode I drink a cup of coffee and tear into the microphone for 40 minutes. I follow that stream of consiouscness that is SO Two-Beersy-like. Comments are encouraged but you'll have to email me directly. My address is twobeerswithsteve (at)

I'd love to hear from ya'.

Stev e

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I know, I know, the world is goig to hell in a handbasket at the moment... the market volatility is frightening! But what are we are going to do about it? What is the best advice that anyone can give you right now?

In this discussion, which was taped on the eve of the market collapse (and then it's eventual snap back up), I talk with Charles Hugh Smith on his new book The Unconventional Guide to Investing in Troubled Times (available now on Amazon in Kindle format). CHS explains the effects that globalization and centralization of power has had on our global economy and how he thinks the pendulum is going to be swinging in the other direction... and soon. Maybe not this week kinda soon, but within this next decade kinda soon. So how do you prepare for that?

CHS gives probably the best advice one can give during these uncertain times, invest in yourself. Sounds easy right? But what does it mean to invest in yourself and what must you consider when you make such a bold move. There are consequences to investing in yourself that need to addressed... and I can't wait to read all about it in his latest book

The enticement of CHS's latest book (since it is only in Kindle format at the moment) pressured me into purchasing a tablet reader, and so I am one of 'those guys' now. Et tu Steve, et tu?


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This is the second part of my listener conversations. This time my guest is Tim Flood of El Paso, TX. Tim is a long time listener of Two Beers With Steve and fellow Chris Martenson Forum contributor.

In this episode we focus in on how a regular Joe Six Pack has taken preparations in his own life to preparre for an uncertain future. We discuss gardening, investing, food storage, water filtering and home brewing.

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After a long break, I was able to catch up with Nelson Lebo. After a long monologue introduction by yours truly we launch into a discussion about building raised the beds the fast, cheap, and easy way. Hidden in this episode are a boatload of helpful hints on backyard gardening and homesteading.

Enjoy the episode, I leave for vacation tomorrow and hopefully I will get back on the horse again and knock out a few great episodes so that I can get to that coveted 100th episode. I think we will have a roundtable discussion with the guys that we first started with... I may also pester my wife to join us. Who knows...


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I finally reached the point at which I feel the need to tell Two Beers Nation that I have taken a long extended leave of absence. I have an episode ready to publish but the editing touches have seemed too much like work in the past month, so I've ignored my internet duties. 

I'll be back and I think the conversation will evolve. I think long time listeners and philosopher kings know where I am headed next... towards the solution, onward and upwards.

At the moment I am clearly way behind the eight ball for which I put myself under. Many of my current projects are firmly in line with the goals of my show and what I've talked about for the last two years. I need to be part of the society pursuing an answer, I don't need to be part of the society that groans and mumbles about what 'they are doing to us'. 

Part of the answer I am pursuing is to immerse myself into building a community that has their eyes on a very different future. It is going to be a very long and slow process and will require alot of me. I apologize for the absence but I have not 'gone away', there are plenty of great podcasts to keep you busy until I get my groove-on again.



Freedomain Radio


Common Sense with Dan Carlin

Truth About Markets with Max and Stacey

Get back to work,


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In the next couple of episodes I will be talking to members of the 2BwS audience as we approach the 100th episode of the show. I am always interested by the level of honesty and intelligence of the people that listen to this show. A few times a week I receive emails from listeners where they detail their life, it always fascinates me. it reminds me that my show goes out into the internet cyberspace but yet lands into the Ipods, MP3 players, computer speakers of real people, who seem to think along the same lines as me.

In this episode I speak with sculptor Bill Hopen of Hopen Studios. Please check out his website for images of his work. I was blown away by the quality of his works, if I had known the scale of his works I would've spent more time discussing his body of work. Guess we'll have to talk to him again...

I also speak with Chris Stefanick in this episode, an IT manager from Durham, NC. Chris is a long time listener who I met up for lunch one day while I was in NC. Not so great food but the conversation was hard to pull myself away from. I always like to engage with listeners. Chris is a fellow peer who is raising children during this period of massive social change. His constant reminders that I should consider a guest on education are finally starting to throttle me into action. I think he's right on about that.

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In this episode I talk about how I had my car broken into and the valuable contents inside were stolen. I move frlom talking about the physical possessions to the psychological effects of having been violated. I also expand the discussion into talking about how this is the world into which we may see much more of this type of crime as more and more people become desperate to make ends meet.

I read listener emails and make comments based on their thoughts. A listener asks me to talk about the farmers market and I talk at length about how things are going and some of the problems I have had thus far. I expand that discussion into talking about how I am going to start giving speeches about 'intentional communities' (knowing full well that hippies from the early 1970's used that same term to describe their utopian dream-states).

This is a very unpolished and raw edition of Two Beers With Steve. I wish that I had a more polished approach to talking about topics at length, but I simply don't have the training and I don't have the time. Once the record button is hit, no matter how much I want to try to get my speaking pattersn clear, the um's and the ummm's and the ya' knows just come naturally out of my my mouth. Take my speech patterns with a grain of salt and enjoy...

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After a few weeks away from podcasting I return with Gonzalo Lira for a random conversation where we cover many topics such as Silver, Osama, Homeland Security, Freedom, and Generational Breakdown.

You may have already noticed but I disabled comments for my show because I was recieving between 30-40 spams daily. Since few people even used the feature ( I appreciate those that did, and I ready every comment) I felt the feature ended up being a big time waster for me (having to delete all those junky ads). If you want to contact me you can do it directly at twobeerswithsteve at

Enjoy the show as much as I did recording it. I love to engage in conversation like this anfrom time to time as a way to post a great show in very short time period.


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This week I speak with Darcy Menard, host of the podcast Stumbling Homestead. We center our discussion around Darcy's transition from a career minded professional to a sustainable farmer (in training). In our conversation we hit many of the high-points that many people wrestling with the transition often go through; talking with the spouse, relating with friends and peers, dealing with children, etc..

We also discuss home schooling, Excalibur dehydrators, and Berkey Water Purification Systems.

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Chris Martenson returns to Two Beers With Steve to talk about his new book, The Crash Course. The new book provides a much needed update to his video series by the same name but also delves deeper into the subject matter and the book includes many more topics not discussed in the video. 

Since Chris' website is the first website that I have ever have posted a comment on, I must admit that I am preferential to his audience and to his content. Be that as it may, I think in this interview I was able to steer Chris away from many of the talking points to which I know that he has grown accustomed to talking about. This diversion into topics such as his thoughts on the effect of the growth based paradigm have on our culture and his feelings towards complexity prove to be some of the best moments in the interview.

Listen to the podcast, buy the book, pass it on to a friend who is just starting to question r'eality'.

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Steve Crower and Erik Townsend come together in a two part episode that looks at the energy industry and how it will come when we have gone beyond Peak Oil.

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This week I am joined once again by Gonzalo Lira to discuss his theory of the Lira Principle.

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I am joined this week by Paul Wheaton. Paul Wheaton is the host of the largest permaculture website in the world,

This episode is filled with useful tips from the permacultural front. During the podcast, Paul talked about his lawn care philosophies, permaculture and diatomaceous earth. He gives a quick overview of his articles on ants and aphids, Sepp Holzer, hugelkultur and flea control

In addition to the helpful info you will acquire by listening to this podcast, listeners may also be thrilled by the amount of chops-busting and hard-times that Paul and I gave each other. I don't know how that happened, it just seemed natural for both of us to take playful jabs at one another. We actually got along famously... I think.

Like most of my guests, Paul is a guest I will have to have back on in the future. I was fascinated by the seminars he hosts that highlight how a permaculturist can make $200,000 by working the land and his/her livestock properly. Amen to that!

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Low and behold I run in with one of the worlds most powerful and feared men... and I just wanted to pick him up and squeeze him like a child's teddy bear. He certainly has a media persona that does not match the man himself.

In this episode, which is more of a back-and-forth dialogue between Gonzalo Lira and myself, we discuss my chance encounter with the f*ck#ng mayor of Chicago and meander into side topics that add color to the main discussion.

To see the pics of Rahm, my wife, and me you can visit the Facebook fan page for Two Beers With Steve.

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Anybody who is familiar with this podcast knows that I have investigated at great length the problems that we face. But eventually there came a time in which I had to do something and move forward and start looking at realisitic solutions. In this episode and in past episodes and alos in upcoming episodes I want to highlight the people who are going out there and making a difference at the local level.  I want to know why they do it and how they do it. I want to know what they are doing and who is doing it with them. I think these podcasts can be an invaluable treasure for those interested in getting involved.

I was introduced to Aaron Wissener through Chris Bedford. Chris mentioned multiple times that Aaron was a go-getter and someone I definitely needed to talk to. He is the founder of a local organization in Muskegon, MI called Local Future. The mission of Local Future is to create local resilient communities but the organization really sprang out of Aaron's realization that Peak Oil was a reality and that the reality of Peak Oil would have real world implications. Therefore Aaron saw a need to organize people around the idea of resilient communities.



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In this episode Allan Balliett introduces me to the new term BioDynamics(or is it an ancient term as old as civilization itself?). Biodynamic agriculture is a method of organic farming that treats farms as unified and individual organisms, emphasizing balancing the holistic development and interrelationship of the soil, plants, animals as a self-nourishing system without external inputs insofar as this is possible given the loss of nutrients due to the export of food.

Allan Balliett mentions the book Ideal Soil: A Handbook for the New Agriculture by Michael Astera numerous times and presents the book as a manual on how to create plants that are both healthy and nutrient dense. The idea that we can just add more compost to solve many of our gardens problems may be flawed because the soil is more dynamic than what conventional wisdom would have you believe. In some cases soil samples may be necessary to identify missing nutrients.

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I have been recieving this once-a-week email newsletter from a listener for quite some time, nearly 6 months. The name of the newsletter is 'Knowledge is Asking the Right Questions' and it is an aggregation of the best videos/podcasts/blogs/articles/cartoons on the web and it is all assembled by just one guy.

I have used this newsletter to stay up to date on current events that I missed during the week and to find new guests for the show. I asked the newsletter creator if he would be fine with me forwarding along the newsletter and he said it would be fine.

If you are interested please email me at twobeerswithsteve (at) Subscription would be free.


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Just when you didn't need one more thing to be concerned I bring forth unto you another civilization-stunning problem that threatens our modern living and is by it's very nature the issue is a political pariah. The issue is about water, and why we need to educate ourselves on how we use this valuable resource and realize just how scarce fresh water is.

'Water, water everywhere

Nor any drop to drink.'

My guest was Robert Glennon, professor at the University of Anizona and author of the book Unquenchable: America's Water Crisis and What To Do About It. In this interview we discuss the amount of freshwater available vs. the amount of water on earth and how the hydrologic cycle has supplied our earth with freshwater since... well... the beginning of the hydrologic cycle.Since that time, we have had the same amount of freshwater as the dinosaurs but we use freshwater in many different ways that are important to our modern living. Some of which are destroying the freshwaters ability to used for human consumption. It doesn't take more than a passing glance at the statistics of water to be concerned. Robert Glennon does more than just glance at the stats and delves into some serious issues that we face when it comes to freshwater use and it's longer term threat. Robert goes as far as to say that we face a Crisis.

Unquenchable: America's Water Crisis and What To Do About It


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Foss and Lira will be debaing deflation vs. hyperinflation on February 10, 2011 at 9PM EST. The live event will cost you about $45

I love this idea and would like to see more of this info-tainment going into the future. It brings together smart bloggers in a WWF smack-down style debate. It may not tickle your feathers quite like mine, but I think you'll see the very beginnings of a new format of internet media, The Main Event.

Register Here to participate.

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My guest this week was Aaron Lucich, the film-maker of the upcoming film 'We Are What We Eat'. Aaron also is a public speaker on the subject of Organic Food.

In our interview we, of course, covered many topics but mainly centered the ideas that are in his film. We talked about the need for more sustainable and natural growing of food rather than the industrial model of farming which is wasteful and ultimately unsustainable. We talk about the best methods of reaching out to the masses and consider options that could be used on a large-scale (beyond the small pockets of already aware citizens). We also talked about eating lifestyles such as Weston A Price and Vegan.

At the end of this podcast I added on another seperate podcast that is just of myself, Steve Patterson, that you will enjoy. I rant and rave like a madman, but not really. I just jotted down a few things I wanted to say, turned on the microphone, and riffed for a good 35 minutes. Let me know what you think of my random thoughts, and if you feel it necessary you can email me at twobeerswithsteve(at)

Bob Cannard Video Interview From the Aaron Lucich Facebook Page... a must see.


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For whatever technical reason my hosting service changed a feature of my podcast that only allowed the past 10 episodes to be posted on my RSS feed. Well, with the help of my new website designer I was able to fix that.

So if you are one of the many who have complained, you can now go to my RSS feed you can download all 81 episodes.

Thank ya, Thank ya...

On a side note, I have been hangin' out at Gonzalo Lira's 'Hourly G' blog where he kicks out quick tidbits about current events a few times a day. They are short and interesting news items that he comments on. The amount of time to eat up each article is really low and the information is newsworthy stuff. Just thought you might be interested.

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Johnny Max of the website Heirloom Seed Swap joins me  to talk about how you can save your seeds and engage in seed swapping (he also has his own podcast, Self Sufficient Homestead and BeerTalkRadio, interestingly enough).

We go over the basics of seed-saving your own seed from the crops that you grow in your own garden. Then we discuss how you can take those seeds and trade them for a wide variety of different seeds on his website

The discussion also goes over how to cultivate your own species of a vegetable variety. There is some pretty gardening questions put forth by myself (I'm a newbie at this gardening thang) but much of it will have value to even the seasoned gardener.

Direct download: Episode_81_-_Heirloom_Seed_Swap_With_Johnny_Maxx.mp3
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This week I talk with Stefan Molyneaux, host of FreeDomain Radio. Not only can you get this episode as a podcast but you can also watch the video of Stefan’s Youtube channel, here is the LINK. You can see ol’ Two Beers in action in this video as he interviews a guest, I have to admit that staring into a camera is not the most comfortable experience in the world but it is a new challenge that I hope to overcome. In fact, if you find me terribly dreadful in this interview (which upon review I think is the case) then you can blame it to the fact that it was the camera in my face.

Like every episode on this program we discussed a multitude of topics, some of which were free markets, healthcare, public smoking, the initiation of force, Alex Jones, why I (or Stefan, or anyone looking to make a difference) will never run for office, etc..

As always with Stefan, if you don't agree with him then at least be entertained by his info-tainment, it is truly some of the best out there.

Direct download: Episode_80_-_Stefan_Molyneux_on_the_Free_Market.mp3
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Chris Bedford returns to talk about what is going on since we last talked. In that time frame he has continued work on his local farmers market, worked as a community activist, and is currently working with a committee on bringing a TED Conference to a nearby college.... what have you been doing since Chris was last on our show?

We also wander off into many other topics worthy of discussion, of course, the most notable side discussion is our chat about the Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie. Chris Bedford shared some insightful analysis from someone who was a union activist for many years.


Direct download: Episode_79_-_Chris_Bedford_on_Resiliency.mp3
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By far the most requested guest from listeners is John Michael Greer and I am pleased to have finally have him on as a guest. Although at first glance I wondered why listeners were so enamored with this gentleman with the long beard who writes for the blog The ArchDruid Report, but I soon found out that JMG's perspectives on many subjects pertaining to economic, techno-industrial, and Peak Oil concerns were in-line with typical guests on Two Beers With Steve.

In this discussion we delve into many topics starting with Druidry and then moving into Peak Oil and the ASPO conference. Interestingly enough JMG was a guest speaker at the ASPO conference and details that difference between the 'suits' and 'sandals' crowd. We also talk about the impact of a world affected by oil shortages and I ask John Michael if he holds out hope for any new technologies that will fill the gaps left by diminishing oil production (and I asked that question with a straight-face mind you).

For the hardcore crowd who can't get enough Two Beersy talk I added on a five minute after-interview discussion I had with JMG that I thought would be interesting to anyone listening. Just let the music play and the credits roll at the end of the podcast and you'll be rewarded.

Direct download: Episode_78_-_The_Mythology_of_Progress_with_John_Michael_Greer.mp3
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