Download this episode to your MP3 player, throw on your work clothes, grab your spade and head to the garden. Leave the European Bailout and the NYSE glitches behind you and grow something real.

Jules returns to the show and this time I (Steve) have moved beyond making lame excuses as to why I don't have time to grow my own tomato's. The questions I have for Jules this time are more directed to the beginner gardener but I have a feeling any green thumb will enjoy this coversation as well.

This episode of Two Beers kicks off with a short chat about Jules' appearance on a reality show on the Food Network channel. It's a lively and humorous discussion but I encourage you to follow the links below and watch the show for yourself. Getting a glimpse of the Dervaes' home is a rare treat and can inspire you to build a two-story Cobb oven... just watch the video already. Enjoy the podcast.

Jules Dervaes - Path to Freedom - Urban Homestead - Find them on Facebook

Jules on Food Network

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