Are you going 'Sane' in a Crazy World? Are you having difficulty relaying to your spouse the predicament that we face as a nation, or as a planet?

In this episode we examine the pysche of what it is like to unplug from the Matrix and see reality for what it is, not what we want it to be. Kathy McMahon, a certified psychotherapist who specializes in clients who suffer from anxiety, fear and depression brought on by the realization of how real our reality is. Kathy is a therapist who 'gets it', she has done the research, is brilliant enough to know that you cannot a finite resource ad infinitum, and realizes that we may be near or past Peak Oil.

This episode was at the same time a departure from our normal topics yet very necessary and relevant to what we discuss. Many of the insights Kathy said had me saying 'that happened me too'. I think this a must-listen for everyone aware of Peak Oil.

Peak Oil Blues

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