Permaculture with Paul Wheaton

I am joined this week by Paul Wheaton. Paul Wheaton is the host of the largest permaculture website in the world,

This episode is filled with useful tips from the permacultural front. During the podcast, Paul talked about his lawn care philosophies, permaculture and diatomaceous earth. He gives a quick overview of his articles on ants and aphids, Sepp Holzer, hugelkultur and flea control

In addition to the helpful info you will acquire by listening to this podcast, listeners may also be thrilled by the amount of chops-busting and hard-times that Paul and I gave each other. I don't know how that happened, it just seemed natural for both of us to take playful jabs at one another. We actually got along famously... I think.

Like most of my guests, Paul is a guest I will have to have back on in the future. I was fascinated by the seminars he hosts that highlight how a permaculturist can make $200,000 by working the land and his/her livestock properly. Amen to that!

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