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Sep 29, 2010

It's been too long between podcasts and I couldn't nail down a guest so I decided to go it alone this time. The reasoning behind this title is hidden inside the dialogue of this episode and in short, this podcast serves my selfish need to have good conversations more than I would hope it serves my audience... I'm sorry, I'm deeply sorry. (You know that I am just kidding, right?)

I cover a few topics such as having coversations with folks about the issues discussed on Two Beers With Steve, Wall Street 2, Gold at 1300, the collapse of Argentina.


thirteen and a half years ago

Speaking of Argentina, I\'d like to hear an interview with Fernando from if you haven\'t interviewed him before. He may not appreciate any left leaning philosophy, but he is very knowledgeable about surviving in urban conditions and what to expect.

thirteen and a half years ago


Enjoyed your \"session\" today as always and wanted to share an idea that came to me after listening to your\'s and another podcast today.

In addition to the ideas of peak soil, peak water, and of course, peak oil, I think we can add the phrase \"peak truth\". If you really think about it, truth does fit within the peak paradigm. It is still there but in less quantity, harder to find and extract and just as elemental as soil, water, and oil.

Just thought I\'d share my new \"idea\" with someone, who even though I\'ve never met, I have much respect for. If you like the term, feel free to use/share as you see fit. I think it belongs in the debate.

Thanks again for doing what you do, I for one, really enjoy it.