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Jun 12, 2013


Stefan Molyneux is back, and this time we discuss his fantastic novel The God of Atheists.  I had a ton of fun talking about this book with Stefan, and if you’ve not yet read it, don’t worry, this episode does not contain any spoilers.


And if you’ve not yet read The God of Atheists, I have to ask why not?  This novel is truly a masterwork, the most important work of fiction since The Fountain Head.  You’ve got to read this book!




The paperback version can be found here:;jsessionid=E620D82D6A8242A91415F77BAECF6534




PDF and audio versions of the book are available for gold donors on Stef's website:




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nine and a half years ago

Agnostic don't say you can't ever know something exsits well some do. But me as a agnostic I simple say there is no evidence to state, that a God could not exist, but more and most importantly there is no science to show how everything exsits and there for we can't be sure how everything exist and this means there is probability that A God could have created it, even if it's small chance you can't rule it out. 1 in 300 million chance of me being born shows against all odds success happens. Was this answer helpful?