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Apr 6, 2018

Can you lose 50 lbs in a month without crazy supplements?


In part three of the principles of weight loss series, I cover the fastest way to lose weight. The methods described within are hands down the fastest. Weight will fall off of you!

Some of the topics covered include:

  • intermitten fasting
  • long term fasting
  • ketogenic diets
  • the snake diet
  • cancer prevention
  • hormone signalling
  • how to increase testosterine and human growth hormone production
  • drug free treatments for epilepsy and alzheimer disease
  • how to clear up most skin conditions, including psoriosis
  • the difference between eating healthy and eating for weight loss
  • how to clear brain fog

I cover all this and more. Click the play button above and listen to the show.


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Below is a list of different names for sugars. You'll find them under "ingredients" on packaged foods:


Having a strategy for weight loss is not the same thing as having the ability. Through one on one coaching, my clients overcome self-sabotage and gain the ability.  Click the email button above (just below the banner) and schedule a coaching call.

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