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Feb 23, 2010

A Two Beers With Steve original idea! This episode is an interactive reading of an essay I wrote that outlines just how the Federal Reserve and the private banking system are out to own everything is this great country without having done a damn thing. The title of this podcast is a total rip-off of G Edward Griffins excellent book The Creature From Jekyll Island, I don't think Mr. Griffin would mind it though. Enjoy this episode, however, there is a two drink minimum though....

I just would like to let everyone know this is an open-source project and I would value all ideas and if you are interested in getting your hands on a copy of the essay just email me at

I'd love to hear from you...

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almost thirteen years ago

This was an interesting podcast. You and your guest touched on mortgage failures and banks and the like. What 99% of people don\'t know is that when you have a mortgage on your home you have technically given up your ownership. You\'re still on title sure, but the 1st charge on title blocks the homeowner from doing many things. A 1st charge on title technically gives the bank ownership of the property, the borrower now has an option to redeem his ownership by paying of the borrowed amount. Case in point; Banks show the mortgage as an asset on thier balance sheets, the borrower shows it as a liability.

Mark Jeantheau
almost thirteen years ago

Steve -- You\'re on the right track. With the right graphics, this could be a smash success on YouTube. A video/animation approach would help make it less abstract, and would also help overcome the \"Gilligan\'s what?\" factor for those who, unlike us, did not grow up watching Skipper and his Lil\' Buddy and \"the rest\"... -- Mark