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Aug 27, 2010

This is the second podcast in a series of podcasts that we are having with Nelson Lebo about tools for the thrifty gardener as well as the Post-Peak-Oil Farmer (both are very simliar as we discuss in the podcast).

We manage to chat about three more tools in this installment; the tine rake, the hoe, and the scythe. But as we bring up each tool we then contintue into a conversation surrounding the Tool, Timing and Technique (TTT, popularized by Nelson himself) that provides the listener (and myself) with a great deal of knowledge. Other side topics include composting, raised beds, and mowing your lawn a scythe!


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over nine years ago

Shannon, what a fun picture! You look alarobde. I'm so glad you've had amazing friends in London, especially to help you with your struggles with your kids. You look so happy and I'm glad for you for the times you can get out and just have fun. Looking forward to having you back in the states. I'd LOVE to see you sometime soon... Ann

Olmec Sinclair
almost twelve years ago

Another great episode. Lots of interesting and useful knowledge in there. I have even purchased a Stirrup How (also called a hula hoe or scuffle hoe) and a scythe so watch out weeds.

Keep up the good work.

PS. Have you heard of the agroinnovations podcast? Touches on some similar stuff.