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Jan 19, 2018

Is a truly great life out of reach? Kevin Geary says absolutely not!

This is a replay of a conversation I had with Kevin Geary back in the spring of 2014. In the first half of our discussion, we talk about his approach to helping people down a healthier path as an integrative health coach. In the second half, we dive into the "Chasing Greatness" series he has on his podcast, detailing the steps required to free yourself from the chains of society and become truly great.

Topics covered include:

  • the importance of blood tests
  • supplements
  • authenticity
  • choosing who you allow in your circle
  • parenting
  • spanking
  • combining journaling with mindful eating
  • dealing with family members who are harming you

We cover all of this and more. You won't want to miss it!

Click the purple play button above and listen to the show.

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