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May 12, 2017

Have you ever considered switching careers, but then thought "Well it's too late now." ??? Today's guest recently changed careers, and she did it at seventy years of age! It's never too late.

In today's conversation, Jeanne Litt shares her touching journey, which led her to becoming a life coach at seventy years old. We talk about the strategies that have helped her to find success in her own life, along with the strategies she uses with her clients.

Talking points include the following:

  • growth mind set
  • abundance vs scarcity
  • tithing 
  • obstacles as stepping stones
  • Does everything happen for a reason?
  • all or nothing vs small gains
  • going for your heart's desire
  • the importance of listening and empathy

We talk about all of this and more in today's enlightening discussion. Give it a listen!

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