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Jan 23, 2013

Brett Venoitte of The School Sucks Project joins us to discuss the reason why he does not call our school system the 'Education System', the chief reason is that education is not the goal of our current school system. Brett elaborates on how he does not think reforming our current system will do any good. 

Along with many criticisms of the current public school system Brett also gives his vision of restoring critical thinking skills into a truly educational system, something our current system lacks. 

nine and a half years ago

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nine and a half years ago

Are these prices set for the day? Will anynihtg else go on sale?Just asking incase I need to keep checking through-out the day, I already got one thing.Thanks!

nine and a half years ago

Your presentation at the Temora p/s was woundrfel. With all the work (you and) the boys have done it occured to me to ask when will you know you have collected enough money? Your efforts have been able to support/purchase acres of jungle. So, do you know just how many acres will be enough? This is a genuine question as HOW will you/we know if your (an other charities) efforts have worked as you hope to continue on to support other primates? Regards c. [url=]hiwetoecnm[/url] [link=]yediaplwljg[/link]

nine and a half years ago

Hello Daniel and William!I just wanted to encraouge you in all that you are doing. Your journey on Australian Story was deeply moving and very inspiring. The book is wonderful and, thanks to you, I have now also linked in with BOS Australia. I'm trying to forward your emails to anyone I can think of in the hope that you will (continue to) achieve amazing things for these magnificent creatures. It is tragic to think that this beautiful creature is being slowly being wiped out (largely) so that we can keep eating chocolate. Keep up this wonderful work!Julia

nine and a half years ago

Hi Christine, its a good question. We are keipneg track of what the boys have donated directly as well as being advised of funds that have been donated through what people have told us they have done as a direct result of meeting the boys. We are also acting as a conduit for the three charities for which Daniel and William support and, for example, in this tour we have taken direct donations on behalf of The Orangutan Project of $582 ($82 was as a direct result of a gold coin donation programs instigated at Temora Public School). They boys have also met several business people, political and community leaders who, as a result of meeting and talking to the boys, have advised they will be taking action toward saving the orang-utan. Some of these donations we will not see so we have to continue in blind faith and just hope that these people will make good their commitments. At the end of the day it ends up being an estimation of funds raised from lot of different known, and unknown, sources. We are just continuing on knowing that we are doing the right thing.