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Oct 28, 2013


Erik Townsend is back, but this time to cover a different topic: world travel!  Erik had spent his entire life living in the United States, and thought it was time to evaluate what the rest of the world had to offer.  Erik tells us about his epic trip around the world, evaluating alternative residences.




Learn about the differences between traveling to a location for recreation and actually living there.  Why is it that recognizing that a place is up and coming is not the same thing as determining it is a place where you’ll want to live?  Find out that and much more, including what Erik liked and didn’t like about the following places:




Hong Kong




Mexico City


Puerto Vallarta








New Zealand




In order to keep the shows to a more readily digestible size, I broke the interview into two episodes.  This is part one.  Part two can be found here:






Find more from Erik here:




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