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Nov 28, 2009

Josh Kosman author of the book, The Buyout of America, talks with the Two Beers With Steve crew about how he sees the Next Great Credit Crisis coming from the failures of companies that were acquired by the Private Equity firms during the PE boom of 2000-2007.

Steve picked up this book because it is the only new release to be looking at the challenges in front of us and not what has already happened (ie. the housing meltdown or bailouts). Excellent book, excellent interview.

Buy the book here

The Buyout of America Website

Listen to the NPR podcast with Josh Kosman and Terry Gross

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almost eleven years ago

Now that's sueblt! Great to hear from you.

almost eleven years ago

Ahhh! good ol NPR!I think I have it tuned in on every radio we own, and listen pettry much around the clock.Thanks for the program heads up.Happy Holidays from the west coast! (hope you don't get too much snow)Sherweld

John Ludi
over fourteen years ago

Nice work on your show...really enjoying it! Fellow Chicago dweller too? Great\'ll be kind of sad when it collapses.

fourteen and a half years ago

Excellent interview and topic; here\'s some related material I dug up:

1) transcript of NPR interview with Mr. Kosman and this links back to an audio interview:

2) Nice series of nytimes videos explaining how and why PE deals are done and also gives a link to a related article: