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Dec 31, 2013


Steve Patterson joins me for the greatly anticipated Dog Whisperer show.  We discuss the TV program The Dog Whisper, and very quickly the conversation turns toward comparing the techniques Cesar Millan uses to train dogs to the tactics parents use to control their children.  Are there parenting lessons to be learned from Cesar?  What is human nature?  Is it hierarchical as is the nature of canines?  




And just what exactly does Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter have to do with all of this?  You’ll have to listen to find out!  :)




This is Choice Conversations’ first Christmas episode, recorded Christmas Eve 2013.  Happy Holidays to all the wonderful listeners!  It is truly a privilege to have this opportunity to connect, share, and learn with you.




Here is the podcast mentioned on today’s show with Wes Bertrand and Darrel Becker where we discussed whether or not Non-Violent Communication went against human nature:




Here are previous podcasts on parenting:




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