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Jun 18, 2015

Author and blogger Rosyln Ross joins me to talk about her new book A Theory of Objectivist Parenting.  The school of philosophy known as objectivism, proposed by Ayn Rand, is very strong in most ways, but is decidedly lacking in the area of interpersonal relationships and especially parenting.  Roslyn shores that up nicely.


Do schools murder the authentic self?  Are high achieving youths numbing out in their down time?  Is Roslyn moving to Nicaragua so that she can take her kids into bars and casinos?  And what’s wrong with Sudbury schools anyway?  All this and more during today's show!


Note that when Roslyn mentions "Wes" and "Antony," she's referring to mutual friends, and prominent members of Team Choice, Wes Bertrand and Antony Sammeroff.


My apologies for the accoustics on this show.  This is the first podcast recorded in my new home, and I've not yet unpacked everything.  The room I was in had nothing soft to absorb sound, and thus it sounded like I was recording in a cave.  I'll be sure to remedy that in future episodes.



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