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Jun 2, 2011

In the next couple of episodes I will be talking to members of the 2BwS audience as we approach the 100th episode of the show. I am always interested by the level of honesty and intelligence of the people that listen to this show. A few times a week I receive emails from listeners where they detail their life, it always fascinates me. it reminds me that my show goes out into the internet cyberspace but yet lands into the Ipods, MP3 players, computer speakers of real people, who seem to think along the same lines as me.

In this episode I speak with sculptor Bill Hopen of Hopen Studios. Please check out his website for images of his work. I was blown away by the quality of his works, if I had known the scale of his works I would've spent more time discussing his body of work. Guess we'll have to talk to him again...

I also speak with Chris Stefanick in this episode, an IT manager from Durham, NC. Chris is a long time listener who I met up for lunch one day while I was in NC. Not so great food but the conversation was hard to pull myself away from. I always like to engage with listeners. Chris is a fellow peer who is raising children during this period of massive social change. His constant reminders that I should consider a guest on education are finally starting to throttle me into action. I think he's right on about that.

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