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Nov 15, 2015

Anotony Sammeroff joins me as we pay tribute to Pete Gerlach. Pete Gerlach was taken from us on on October 22 2015, after a long bout with a degenerative disease (inclusion body myocitis). Pete was a therapist, author, and founder of the Break the Cycle Website. Pete was passionate about helping others and bringing healing to the world. He was especially concerned about the little ones, that they be provided a nurting, holistically healthy environment to grow up in.

Pete was a guest on both my show, Choice Conversations, and Antony's youtube channel, Enrich Your Life. Antony and I share some of our personal experiences with Pete and do our best to honor his memory. We close out the podcast by inserting Antony's last interview with Pete -> "How to choose the Right Partner for the Right Reasons at the Right Time!"

Gone but not forgotten, the gifts you gave the world continue to bring healing. Rest In Peace Pete.

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