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Dec 8, 2010

In my first ever interview with Gonzalo Lira we cover a multitude of topics, many of the topics are applicable to the current events that our world now faces and a few other topics are thrown in for good measure and a whole lot of fun. But ultimately, the conversation was informational and important.

The reason we came together to talk was the events surrounding the Irish Banking Crisis that is unfolding in real time. The domino's are slowly starting to fall across the Euro-Zone area and the solutions. GL makes many predictions as well as a defined commentary on the events that led up to the crisis.

Probably the 'gem of the show' was GL's take on the movement of money into commodities and the reasons why. During the editing process I picked up on a few comments he made that I hadn't fully comprehended.


Dan Dragt
thirteen and a half years ago

What can be said in a little white box? What can be heeded from a stranger's words in a little white box? That said, Gonzalo Lira is foolish young man. I'll make three points though I have many: 1) GL's approach is to silence others and parenthetically charm them about the browbeating. He needs to take to heart the philosphy proposed in the book, Finite and Infinte Games by James Carse. Until then, he is not worth listening to. 2) His views are democracy-centric and therefore he is guilty of the same thing he criticizes others 3) If the wikileaks movement is Julian Assange (which is debatable by reasonable human beings), the hacker leak culture is not. 4) And on and on.

thirteen and a half years ago

Great interview and great articles on Zero Hedge. The Wikileaks story is a telling one in that the populace's support for Assange illustrates their anger. The media is waaay out of synch with the populace. I think you will even find the hacker wars that seem to have started last night (December 8th) gather support.

BTW-The Chart of the Year can be found by searching "the real cost of living" in Google images....,18168,27744,27796,28062&sugexp=leprodsca4&xhr=t&q=the+real+cost+of+living&cp=18&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&biw=1224&bih=1102

(See the ones with the orange bars). This image is starting go viral, not unlike the mortgage resets plot.