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Nov 9, 2012

Cronyism + Capitalism = Crapitalism.

Chris and I recap the election briefly and talk about the future of the Republican Party.

almost eleven years ago

... >Both the bramins prtnigaoapg and >teaching their young generation >that they r superior to other >communists, and the so-called >atheists saying only bramins r >the sole reason for all these >problems our country is facing Phantom, brahmin parents don't have to teach brahmin children that they are superior, it is done by EVR baktas and DK. Without any government power for the last 50 years, if the Brahmins have super influence in Tamilnadu as the DK, EVRist propoganda says, then they must be superior. [url=]gjfqsoxgtb[/url] [link=]ztbxlux[/link]

almost eleven years ago

由于我完全不同观测,一些专业词汇就看的似懂非懂的。所以想请教一下下面这句话的正确的翻译:”Mass loss from cool giants and sauprgients is evidenced by P Cygni profiles in optical spectra, by the 10 μm silicate feature in IR spectra, and by maser line emission from OH and other molecules in radio-frequency spectra.“

almost eleven years ago

What a pluresae to find someone who thinks through the issues