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Feb 10, 2010

What compels people of all walks of life to break from the herd and begin the process of self-education? In this episode we talk with Peter Gray who explains what were the decisions he made that broke him from the pack and why he thinks his industry, healthcare, is overlooking a very serious threat... Peak Oil.

As always we explore a multitude of topics including medicinal marijuana and the increased use of tranquilizers by Americans. And since we have a Canadian doctor why not ask him what he thinks of the American healthcare debate?


nine and a half years ago

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nine and a half years ago

What a shame you have so many of your facts wrong or distorted about the NHS in the UK.It dyresots your argument. We in the UK know this, but your US readers are ignorant of the real facts.I dare you to publish this response.

nine and a half years ago

You dare me to publish a respsnoe. Really?They are not my facts, but facts none the less, and every one of them was cited and sourced. Unlike your little rant which included NO facts of any kind, just a meager little childish threat, daring me to respond.So I responded, now what?

Lynn Shwadchuck
almost thirteen years ago

I\'m really encouraged to hear a physician speak about preparedness this way! Sometimes, as we get ready for gardening season and think about doubling our canning quantities; get with the FIT (government solar) program, and consider an airtight stove, you start to wonder why you feel sort of like a lone wolf.

My thing is helping people simplify their diets, so they can cook convenient meals using basic dried beans & lentils and local fruits and vegetables. The shock and panic you mentioned in this podcast can be tempered by living now, the way we think we might have to, later. At least as much as possible. It also helps to save money, which is a good idea as financial collapse The Sequel looms.

Diet for a small footprint and a small grocery bill

Andrew MacDonald
almost thirteen years ago

Really enjoyed this. Thanks Steve . . . maybe have a couple of beers with you someday :-) Funnily enough I do close to Peter and we\'ve been in touch a bit having heard about this interview. . . which I just listened to now. Super stuff. Especially on point for me is speaking of people\'s psychological vulnerability, and how herbal medicine might come back.

I love Peter\'s frank and clear exposition of his take. No edge on there. Thank you both.

The Albert Bartlett videos on Arithmetic, Population, and Energy are available online in one segment (don\'t have to see six parts on youtube); search for it. It\'s good.