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Oct 25, 2010

Another episode with well known blogger Charles Hugh Smith of This time around it is less of an interview and more of a disucssion about reasons to be optimistic and a few solutions that you can implement in your life that will make a large difference. This discussion eventually evolves into a conversation about the way that I (Steve) eat at my house and the diet my wife and I follow.

To be truthfully honest about this episode, I really couldn't hold my tongue and be the one asking questions when the topic crossed over into diet because it is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. I may not be a physician or nutritionist but I have plenty of anectdotal evidence, plenty of self-education, and plenty of logic to back up my case that the American Diet is the culprit for the worlds most expensive healthcare system (although I don't call it a healthcare system because they never actually discuss health when politicians argue over which system is best).

I apologize for the speed in which I talk when I get excited... holy crap. I was speaking at a pace that I have never heard before. Wow, I really wanted to cram a whole lot of information in a matter of seconds. During the editing process I realized just how blinding my speech cadence was. I can't imagine a trained host performing any such stunt, it is truly us amateurs doing the quick-talking.

Most notable links to check out:

Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman

CDC's Obesity Epidemic Map Awesome Link!

Simply Raw Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days!

Fresh: The Movie

Food Inc.

Joel Salatin

King Corn The Movie 

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over eleven years ago

Congratulations!!! I know you had a long road ahead!!! What a wonderful blsiseng!!! You are a wonderful mom both your children are so blessed!!! Hope she is feeling better!

over eleven years ago

When we were kids- this wasn't even an issue because we were out every sgline day running around! Now kids are so dormant AND eating such terrible food it is scary! It is a shame we have to even think about a fitness program for kids but the sad truth is that we do!!! Fit Kids is awesome!!!

almost fourteen years ago

Here's another notable link to add to your list. Another film mentioned during your podcast is King Corn

almost fourteen years ago

That obesity map is just stunning.

Unfortunately Steve, I maintain that your words of wisdom are incapable of taking root as healthy seeds in the minds of American youths. Your learned observations are white noise to the masses. Diabetes here we come, pass the mash potatoes and gravy please.

almost fourteen years ago

I had a friend who retired and took a teaching position in China. His account of the disciplined, eager and polite students contrasts completely with the overweight dolts we are cranking out in astronomical human waves.

I believe that obesity is a destructive symptom of an ever increasing weak culture. Look at the difference between the straight laced high school students of the 1950's who excelled in science and mathematics; and the oversexed, undisciplined, trash we churn out of our schools today. Unobstructed by poor quality parenting, the dolt child of today is happy stuffing himself with chips while watching MTV with his hat on backwards. The resulting unhealthy, diabetic prone lifestyle is a collateral symptom not of overeating, but of the lack of quality in the human beings we are raising.

Uninhibited by morals, standards of decency, self-reflection, the collective "we" are a race of anti-Spartans.

Anti-inflammatory Diet Fan
almost fourteen years ago

Hi Steve,

I have a passion for diet, too. I've only tried one based on a recommendation from an ecstatic adherent - and not for weight, but for pain reduction. Excess fat loss is a nice side effect, though. So is reduced risk of chronic disease, feeling fantastic and an elevated immune system.

It is called the Zone Diet and it I've seen it do amazing things - including seeing 5 years of chronic back pain effectively disappear within two days - the exact quote of my friend was "I can't believe the inflammation is gone."

She had spent thousands on everything she could think of... and surgery was the only thing left. No surgery required and her ulcer went away, too.

Some tips - minimize high glycemic carbs (eat mostly fruits and veggies - yes, raw is better), eat lean protein at every meal, supplement with heart healthy fat (almonds, macadamia nuts, avocado, organic extra virgin olive oil), avoid omega 6 fatty acids (veggie oil) and supplement with IFOS 5 star fish oils. is an excellent website as long as you can get over the obnoxious "advertising" style. is excellent, too.

Blog talk radio also has a few podcasts by a woman with lupus that had excellent success with the zone and was over 90% off her damaging corticosteroids.

It really works - think of it as the next generation Mediterranean diet.

I can't recommend it highly enough.

** Note - Dr. Sears offers expensive "zoned" foods on his website. These items are a crutch and not ideal for the Zone Diet. Quality lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and heart healthy fats make up an ideal anti-inflammatory diet.

Dr. Barry Sears has a number of books out and I really enjoyed them.