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Mar 24, 2017

Want to be more productive, achieve your long term goals, have work-life balance, and find meaning and purpose in your life? These things can be yours! David Allen's books are the tools you've been waiting for.

In today's show, Jake Desyllas joins me as we do a book review of Making It All Work, the best seller from David Allen. Allen is the creator of the time management/productivity system called Getting Things Done (GTD for short). Making It All Work is a companion book to GTD. Where GTD goes more into the nuts and bolts and actionable items, Making It All Work focuses on the philosophy behind the system. GTD will help you empty your inbox.  Making It All Work will help you find meaning and purpose.  

During the discussion, Jake and I detail our biggest takeaways from the book.  I think you will like it. Give it a listen!


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