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Oct 9, 2010

Ferfal IS... the INconvenient Truth. Within the realm of possibility is the scenario where chaos erupts and social unrest leads to a violent chain of events. Also within the realm of possibility is the scenario where very little happens and crime just ticks up just a bit. Nobody knows the future and everyone's view of what will happen are mere probabilities at the moment (although some probabilities have much higher chances of being realized).

In this podcast I lay the groundwork for why I think we will suffer a collapse of some sort, either a big or small one. Then we delve into what happens, how to prepare, what being 'one minute too late' means, and other topics. It was a great discussion and I welcome everyones input as to what they think will happen and why.

Ferfal's book Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse which has a rating of 4.5 Stars on


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over eleven years ago

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over eleven years ago

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over eleven years ago

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almost fourteen years ago

Steve I hear comments on other sites too from men who's wife's won't allow them to buy a gun. I agree with what I think Ferfal was getting at, just buy it. Once you start asking permission on what you can buy you've already lost.

almost fourteen years ago

Happy birthday Steve! It\'s been a looong day brother.
Look forward to sharing a beer with you...again.
Finally, a like minded individual within the group.
See you @ Rips getting ripped!
All the best

almost fourteen years ago

Given the complex layering of the American economy, the predicted downward spiral is likely to have vastly incongruent consequences for the public at large. It seems to reason that when resources are scarce, those connected to “the system” - i.e., those in government, law enforcement and big business, etc., will still be able to avail themselves to the the basic staples of modern life. The average Joe, however, could very well find himself in a hand-to-mouth situation.

Steve, I found your riveting program after you were interviewed by Jack Spirko (The Survival Podcast). I listen to Spirko because he is both brilliant and entertaining. His basic preparedness tenants are out of my reach, however, since I live in a densely populated city and I will have no access to sustenance farming, propane reserves, and the other accoutrements of the rural but-out lifestyle.

Quite frankly, when listening to Spirko I have always has a similar view as Ferfal regarding the vulnerability of Spirko’s recommended isolation. Doesn’t it make more sense to plug yourself in tighter and closer to “the system” when the chips are down rather than to follow Spirko’s advice of removing yourself from it? Although the social welfare net and the spoils of a modern economy may vastly shrink, the true survivalists will be those individuals who figure out how to keep themselves closely fixed to “the system.”

almost fourteen years ago

The Markets, check out for a pretty good background on the privatization of public companies and who profited.

almost fourteen years ago

Another sobering interview with Ferfal. The reason I like Ferfal and Stoneleigh are because they both see social and infrastructure collapse as complex, slow processes that affect different parts of the country differently. That actually gives me a sense of relief. Everything won\'t crash all at once completely across the country. (I remember actually continuing to work on some cellular infrastructure projects in California while we watched 9/11 happen in real time on a small tv I brought to work and going back to normal life by the next day.) If you listen to some doomsters and survivalists, they say we\'re going to go over a cliff in one fell swoop, so oddly, I am refreshed to hear otherwise, even though the downward direction is definitely unavoidable. Can\'t wait to hear the next installment. Would also like to hear some of your background too. Read that you were in the military, what type of work you do now, etc. Cheers.

The Markets
almost fourteen years ago

Excellent interviews. I would like to know how the Argentinian stock market fared in the Argentinian collapse and what happened to investment accounts - were they seized?

What about Argentinian bonds? Where those seized as well?