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May 23, 2010

Have we come to the tipping point of exponential growth or do we still have room to run? If we have more room to run, then how much further out is the tipping point?

These are serious questions that we should be asking. The conversation needs to be started and Dave Gardner is trying to put it on the agenda. With his soon to be released film 'Hooked On Growth", filmaker David Gardner asks the question that no one wants to hear, 'Do we really want/need more growth?'. In this hard hitting interview with Dave Gardner we dissect the side effects of an unsustainable growth path.

While it is very true that growth has provided our planet with incredible technology and innovation, Dave Gardner explains that we need to re-examine where we are at the moment and develop a more balanced approach to growth in the future. The idea is not to abandon our current system but to look beyond the end of our noses and peer into the future of where we headed.

almost eleven years ago

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almost eleven years ago

above, I personally coitnnue to be a lot safer when people tend to ignore me and my ideas.______________________I agree with the de facto thought experiment about what would happen if aliens with overwhelmingly superior technology landed on Earth and said it was theirs. If they could rob us, and we could not stop them, then the Earth would be theirs.One can only hope that aliens who survived having advanced science and technology would have to have simultaneously developed higher consciousness and more compassion.At the present time, we have no idea how human beings are going to actually survive having weapons billions and trillions of times more powerful than any previous generations had. Imagine how we, or other advanced aliens, could possibly survive if we or they had weapons that were quadrillions of quadrillions more powerful than we already have now?In general, there is no such thing as private property, and there never can be.The only thing which exists is some system of public violence, and everything else we say about private property is bullshit. Private property has no real existence outside of some system of public violence.It began with the privatization of God, and then developed into the privatization of the environment.These things were all systems of huge lies backed up with coercion, running systems of organized robbery and fraud, that had labels from various religions, ideologies, or political economies.The main problems are that claims to privatize God are awesomely arrogant, while cutting the environment up into little pieces is resulting in a world where the little pieces can not survive as those little chopped up parts of the whole.These main problems are extremely acute because of the contradictions in the progress in post-modernizing sciences, that are based on understanding the unity of the world, and the unitary mechanisms that make that unity work, (like that matter is extremely concentrated energy, or that all living things on Earth use the same DNA code, etc.), end up channelled through social systems based on false fundamental dichotomies that are based on huge lies, backed up with coercion, to keep systems of organized robbery and fraud going.The point in history where we are at is that is has become both possible and necessary for human beings to develop systems of artificial selection that are consistent with natural selection.However, the established systems of artificial selection are based on huge lies about how they exist and work, and the people doing it have developed their ability to hide the truth, and rationalize what they are doing with an extremely well-developed systems of hypocrisy.One of the bizarre things that I have found is that many people tend to blame Malthus for inventing the Malthusian dilemma, which is like blaming Newton for inventing gravity, when the only thing Newton did was describe how gravity worked.Chronic political problems are inherent in the nature of life.All living things can reproduce at an exponential rate, but no environment can sustain that indefinitely. Instead, ecologies evolve whereby energy is conserved in non-linear functions.Similarly, all animals have to eat, and they use force to eat other organisms. Robbery is the proper English word to describe using force to take things. Human beings eat other things, and in the real world that means we rob the life of other beings to feed ourselves. In civilization, some human beings organize themselves to rob other human beings, who in turn are robbing what they take from their environment.In the past, various religions, ideologies, and political economies attempted to rationalize or justify these behaviours.In the overall context, the problems that human beings act as robbers in their environment, and thus groups of human beings operate organized systems of robbery, and the problem that human populations constantly have the potential to reproduce at an unsustainable exponential rate, means that we always had, and always will have, these chronic political problems, that are inherent to the nature of life.What is new is the progress in science and technology that is making it both possible and necessary to have quantum leaps in the way we understand and resolve these chronic political problems.At the present time, the vast majority of human beings coitnnue to be brainwashed to believe in various old-fashioned kinds of bullshit from their bullies, and those bullies operate systems that were evolved to be able to discredit and destroy any alternatives to those bullies' systems.We are going through the curse of extremely interesting times, as the established systems of huge lies, backed up with lots of coercion, are spiralling and spinning out of control, which is driving the potential for social storms to blow through, and force unprecedented changes to occur.We should make a greater use of information (which is the operational definition of higher consciousness). I believe that higher consciousness necessary leads to more compassion.Democracy permits a greater use of information, and more than anything else we need to make a greater use of information regarding death and debt controls, which means we could have more of a democratization of death and death controls. When it comes to the monetary system,the elite of international banksters have set up a privileged system that is doing what everyone else should do too.It is a dead end to try to stop them.That is both practically and theoretically impossible. Instead, we should have more and more people understand what the banksters have actually done, and thereby have more people join the banksters in doing that.The problem is that our current human ecology depends upon most people acting like brain dead sheep that are routinely being fleeced and eventually being set up to be slaughtered, while the top carnivores in that human ecology literal metaphor are more and more doing an extremely bad job of doing what they should be doing to sustain that human ecology.The social pyramid systems depend upon the compression of ignorance and fear, and those are totall

almost eleven years ago

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