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Jan 24, 2011

Johnny Max of the website Heirloom Seed Swap joins me  to talk about how you can save your seeds and engage in seed swapping (he also has his own podcast, Self Sufficient Homestead and BeerTalkRadio, interestingly enough).

We go over the basics of seed-saving your own seed from the crops that you grow in your own garden. Then we discuss how you can take those seeds and trade them for a wide variety of different seeds on his website

The discussion also goes over how to cultivate your own species of a vegetable variety. There is some pretty gardening questions put forth by myself (I'm a newbie at this gardening thang) but much of it will have value to even the seasoned gardener.

ten and a half years ago

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ten and a half years ago

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ten and a half years ago

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ten and a half years ago

Oh jeez, I almost spit tea over that! I reembemr the talk . God, my poor father hemmed and hawed for so long. I got bored, and asked him to get to the point. As he finally did, I started asking technical questions. Thank goodness a few months later we covered it in Health class. Dad was never comfortable with well . that stuff .

ten and a half years ago

a0Something has been wrong with my computer just now. Glad to to know you got some fun with yor cleaamstss. It\'s important to find something interesting to do with friends in holidays, otherwise, you will be homesick.

ten and a half years ago

Hi Anna,Really looking fowarrd to your new concept. Yet again you are in front with something exciting and new out thre in cyberland. Congratualtion.I was in your area last night and almost crashed the car driving by your windows, all I can say is STUNNING.The store looks amazing, bright, warm, elegant and approachable, (very much like you).Really love your new sofa's and the antique pieces in your windows. Would you share some photos with other bloggers? Good luck with the launch.warm wishes,Daryl

ten and a half years ago

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over thirteen years ago

Steve you should do a beer review episode sometime.