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Aug 14, 2011

Oh, how I love doing the podcast! I have missed it over the summer but the tradeoff is that I get to spend almost every free minute with the kids and working in the garden; learning and shaping my knowledge for another fruitful year. I believe that everything that I spend my precious little free time must be used towards creating something of value.

You might be asking how watching Mad Men episodes fit within that 'creating value' mantra. Well, I watch those episodes sitting beside my wife and afterwards we analyze the episodes and discuss the traits that each character possesses and what drives them. Those conversations are helpful ways in connecting with my wife on a different level from our careers, finances, or the children.

Everyone can have afford themselves a little fun, you just have to know to use that entertainment to better yourself and your relationships.

In this episode I drink a cup of coffee and tear into the microphone for 40 minutes. I follow that stream of consiouscness that is SO Two-Beersy-like. Comments are encouraged but you'll have to email me directly. My address is twobeerswithsteve (at)

I'd love to hear from ya'.

Stev e

ten and a half years ago

I await the release of The Man of Mystery in anaciipttion of the amazing writings and/or screen writes of the this fabulous beautiful lady whom aspires & inspires in every word she transcribes. Though I do not live the same experiences of this M.O.M. tandem, I do each day become confronted by these individuals whom find me as I see their temporary get through or distraction to fill a void & meet needs that I in my free will love will supply because of my compassion for life and as by now the game I have figured out so it is also become my sympathy I offer,for though they may not see it now, what I offer and/or my life has been blessed with to give to them, they once again in will never find it nor fill it. For so many men as I have become acquainted with do not have the understanding that a friendship with me w/benefits is not just the worlds I can get by w/just enough emotions' to get what is needed, I was taught a friendships is a relationship,for in my world I have many acquaintances, so a true friend has the love that surpasses a common hearts moment of concern for one w/our humanly instincts. Do you not understand that you cause scaring to those you so quickly brush in life w/emotion, saying friend I am here, then gone' the quickness is like a peircing to the heart with a sharp object leaving a cut, that turns in to a scab,turned into a scar, that makes the heart loose full feeling of ones to come love,but yet what you dont know is that you brushing so quickly also has left a mark on you that you have not even noticed, so you do not take time to heal it, and thus it becomes infected, before you know it, you have a heart that is completely scared with no way of feeling true love when you feel you have truly found love. Oh the Mystery of men, oh of life , oh of love, whether it be in deep friendship, or relationship, it seems all is revealed to you, but the reveal for you has been there all this time, but you have walked life with your eyes closed, and not because you walk by faith or heart, its because you have become so involved in your emotions' yet these emotions are all hand & mind felt, never the soul, never letting the true meaning of love of life take control. In return I may be seen as a mystery, yet in all suspense I am a road map that has walked journeys & have life lessons that has built a structure of open heart compassion to help you in any way along lifes way,yes I share little deep personal emotion so that my heart can control the gage of release so that one can no longer use their surfacial tactics to get what they want, & rob me of the feeling I need. Let not one, or let not I fool you with my overachieving of progressing aggression having you think I am desperate to fullfill one of his bulging self wants, for to give to these kind, I am out to get, never to be hateful, just to be understood, yes it is needed for you to pay it forward, but paying it forward will be done in vain, if you never in someway take time to repay. xo [url=]cnjlvrzizgg[/url] [link=]pyrbyenqof[/link]

ten and a half years ago

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ten and a half years ago

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ten and a half years ago

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