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May 5, 2010

Chris Bedford discusses his current film, which is still in production and will be released Labor Day 2010.

The idea of the film began from a comment made at his local farmers market that a gentleman was able to cure his asthma through locally grown honey. The story begins there but quickly expands from a narrative of the health benefits of locally grown diet to Peak Oil and it's effect on community and also to a spiritual connection with our world and nature. Steve and Ed question Chris all the way through that journey and get a sense of what Chris is trying to accomplish.

One of my favorite moments was when Chris was asked, 'Do know how your film will end?' (or something similiar to that) and Chris says, 'No'. To me that is the true documentary film. The 'End' just emerges from the process of making the film. There is no contrived conclusion that the storyline is weaved around, rather the opposite happens, the story brings forth the solutions/answers/further questions. Getting to the Truth is the goal.

You can pre-purchase copies of the film, Growing Health, which will fund the movie during it's production phase. Chris would really appreciate the support. You can do this by going to clicking on this link, Pre-Order Growing Health.

"Food is the beginning. As citizens and consumers we can help turn the economy towards true ecological sustainability through our food purchases." Chris Bedford

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almost eleven years ago

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