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Aug 21, 2010

What is an Austrian School Economist? What principles do they believe in and what do they think of our current situation?

I've heard on many podcasts and interviews someone refer to themselves as an Austrian Economist and wondered what that meant. Sure, I understood those from the Austrian School were non-interventionalists and anti-bailout but what else do they stand for?

In this interview Douglas French, President of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute stops by to talk about the Austrian School of Economics. We discuss many issues concerning Austrian Economics including libertarianism, liberalism, and free markets.

If you have never been to the website then please spend 4-5 minutes cruising the vast resources of excellent material. You'd be amazed at the amount of information that is availbale for free on their website, and don't forget to pick up a Rothbard Flask in the Site Store, Two Beers Approved!


over nine years ago

I have written a book titeld: Save Tax Dollars. The book examines the disorganization of State, County and Local Governments and the oversized, dysfunctional Federal Government. It suggest corporate management for governments. When corporations have financial problems they merge to increase market share and reduce administrative cost. Merger of governments would increase the tax base and reduce administrative cost. When corporations become over grown and difficult to manage they divide the corporation into profit centers. This brings decision-making nearer to the areas affected by the decisions. Less government means less spending on administrative cost. With the number of governments and the size of the population, on the average less than seventeen thousand citizens are supporting four governments: the Federal, State, County, and Local governments.

over nine years ago

Notihng I could say would give you undue credit for this story.