In the absence of a guest I pick up the microphone and go the distance by myself and recount the events that occurred while on my trip to North Carolina. Oh... the things I learned. It was certainly an eye-opening experience and I share my experiences in this episode.

I also tell the tale of what it was like to be inside the halls of one of the nations best B-Schools, Duke University's School of Fuqua. Interesting stuff and worth a listen (or two).

Towards the end I give my rebuttal to the argument that Ol' Two Beers is against Progress. It is utter nonsense that I want to return to the days of yore and I defend myself against such a simplistic view. I think anyone who confronts this very same argument will be armed to the hilt with counter-argument weaponry that is the equivalent of ICBM's just by listening to the last 15 minutes of this podcast.