Nelson Lebo, one of our previous guests and Mr. Permaculture extraordinaire, contacted me yesterday concerning a project worthy of the attention of the Two Beers With Steve crowd. I can't help myself but just forward the information on because Nelson has provided me with some of the best episodes I have done (Full Disclosure: I say this about ALL my guests).

From Nelson:

my wife and I have started our 'Do-Up Down-Under.' We will be doing a full permaculture installation
on a property that was full of rubbish and a house that could have
ended up condemned. This is no exaggeration. Please see:

Our goals are to provide the highest quality, low cost sustainability
education possible, and to make learning about sustainability
entertaining and fun. Our motto is 'Act Locally, Share Globally.' The
sharing will be through regular blogs, podcasts and short videos.

We'd like to get our message out to as wide an audience as possible.



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