In this episode I talk about how I had my car broken into and the valuable contents inside were stolen. I move frlom talking about the physical possessions to the psychological effects of having been violated. I also expand the discussion into talking about how this is the world into which we may see much more of this type of crime as more and more people become desperate to make ends meet.

I read listener emails and make comments based on their thoughts. A listener asks me to talk about the farmers market and I talk at length about how things are going and some of the problems I have had thus far. I expand that discussion into talking about how I am going to start giving speeches about 'intentional communities' (knowing full well that hippies from the early 1970's used that same term to describe their utopian dream-states).

This is a very unpolished and raw edition of Two Beers With Steve. I wish that I had a more polished approach to talking about topics at length, but I simply don't have the training and I don't have the time. Once the record button is hit, no matter how much I want to try to get my speaking pattersn clear, the um's and the ummm's and the ya' knows just come naturally out of my my mouth. Take my speech patterns with a grain of salt and enjoy...

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