This week I talk with Stefan Molyneaux, host of FreeDomain Radio. Not only can you get this episode as a podcast but you can also watch the video of Stefan’s Youtube channel, here is the LINK. You can see ol’ Two Beers in action in this video as he interviews a guest, I have to admit that staring into a camera is not the most comfortable experience in the world but it is a new challenge that I hope to overcome. In fact, if you find me terribly dreadful in this interview (which upon review I think is the case) then you can blame it to the fact that it was the camera in my face.


Like every episode on this program we discussed a multitude of topics, some of which were free markets, healthcare, public smoking, the initiation of force, Alex Jones, why I (or Stefan, or anyone looking to make a difference) will never run for office, etc..


As always with Stefan, if you don't agree with him then at least be entertained by his info-tainment, it is truly some of the best out there.

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