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Jun 9, 2017


Do you have trouble getting people to see your point of view?

Most people lack the ability to persuade others. The vast majority result to manipulation or coercion to get their way. Many others are willing to lay down and take it, living life like a Debby Doormat. This is just as bad.

But a few people seem to have...

May 26, 2017

Are you in pain? Do you know you have some issues to work through, but can't afford paying for expensive sessions with a therapist? Jay Earley has the solution!

Today, I'm replaying an interview I originally recorded back in early 2015 with author and therapist Jay Earley. Jay's book, Self Therapy, details a methodology...

May 12, 2017

Have you ever considered switching careers, but then thought "Well it's too late now." ??? Today's guest recently changed careers, and she did it at seventy years of age! It's never too late.

In today's conversation, Jeanne Litt shares her touching journey, which led her to becoming a life coach at seventy years old. We...

Apr 28, 2017

Are you suffering? Do you ever get the feeling you might be the one getting in the way of your happiness? Guess what?  You're right!

Gary Van Warmerdam joins me for a book review of the best seller from Don Miguel Ruiz: The Four Agreements, A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom. In this wonderful book, Ruiz provides a...

Apr 14, 2017

Are you questing for financial freedom down entrepreneurial paths? If so, a podcast is one of the best tools to help you get there! And Joshua Rivers will help to make sure that your podcast is successful.

In today's show, Joshua Rivers, founder of Creative Studios Academy and Podcast Guy Media LLC, tells how...