Ol' Two Beers - Steve talks about the show, his background, and what his guests have taught him

The table gets turned in this episode and Nathan Martin (A two time guest on 2BwS, woop-woop) asks the questions. We explore topics such as my background, which tends to go on longer than it should have... but who doesn't like talking about themselves, c'mon! We also talk about the show; past guests, thoughts I've pulled away from my guests, what I've learned, yadda-yadda.

The interview eventually breaks down into the typical type of conversations that me and Nathan have had. The conversation seems to follow a narrow stream of consciousness and I think most everyone will appreciate the candidness of both Nathan and I. These are the types of conversations that more people should be having.

I don't think anywhere in the interview are we complaining about what THEY are doing to US. That is an important statement for me to make, because I don't want to view myself as a victim of the system, or some higher power (Royal Order of the Frog? hmmm.).

I hope you enjoy this episode

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