Yes, yes, I know... my website sucks! I am quite frank with all those that say this (albiet more politely) and say that I don't care, the website is my shoddy storefront in an abandoned alley that no one ever visits. So tell me why I need to invest my time/money into a better experience for those that venture onto my site?

The truth behind my scruffy facade about not caring is that I actually do care. The barrier between me and having a site worth visiting and spending time is a barrier of knowledge. I don't know how to make a better site and I am reaching out to those that can help me put together something you wouldn't be ashamed of. I have ideas all the time about things I would like to include on my website but that idea never materializes because the barrier of knowledge stands in my way.

I have gotten this far along with my podcasting but reciting to myself 'necessity is the mother of invention'. Which means that I figured out how to podcast only after I had the desire to podcast. Now I have the desire to build a decent website and now comes the follow-through.... I'm asking for your help.

If you want to help, email me at twobeerswithsteve(at) Replace the (at) with an @.

Thank you,



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