Mish on a Mission

Mike "Mish" Shedlock stops by for two beers but I only get a chance to polish off one beer because unfortunately we only had 30 minutes.

Although the interview was a brief one I stayed out of Mish's way while he talked about deflation, Helicopter Ben, college students, walking away from home mortgages, and everyone's favorite question 'what should the average investor do?'.

We will definitely be talking with Mish again in the future and getting a little bit more behind the scenes on when he thinks all this debt will eventually matter, meaning does he think that kicking the can down road eventually ends? Trillions have been promised in entitlements but where is the money coming from? Lots of lots left to be asked.

For those of you looking to get a better sense of the inflation vs. deflation argument I would urge you to make a donation of $1 or more and get my inflation vs. deflation newsletter where many of the basic arguments are made for both cases and what the probability of both cases are.

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