Jeff Cohen on Mainstream Media

Never before has this program, Two Beers With Steve, had a guest who was as far into the Mainstream Media Culture as Jeff Cohen has been. Jeff Cohens bio reads like a guest on the McLaughlin Group, not this ol' shabby program... but please, nobody tell Jeff.

I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Jeff Cohen and I also thoroughly enjoyed his book Cable News Confidential (2006). Even though people have made the criticism of Jeff Cohen that he is a typical left-wing liberal I think his book and his rhetoric go beyond the two-party paradigm to expose something larger; corporate control. He speaks as though he has no mainstream media career to protect anymore and that may be true since he has established himself firmly in the alternative media system.

This show was a departure from traditional topics but still is fascinating and worth a double-listen. Take care and let me know what you think about this topic... I'd be interested in knowing.

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